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White Elephant Week 13 (1 Viewer)


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Blue-Kun had that final, overly-valuable immunity, and he put it to very good use this week. Intsead, Fiddles bites the bullet and goes down.

Congrats to our final three: Rudy, Road Warriors, and Blue-Kun.

1. Rudy 142/1745

2. Road Warriors 130/1727

3. Blue-Kun 119/1602


4. Fiddles 124/1572

5. Old Milwaukee 117/1559

6. Aaron Rudnicki 89/1546

7. DUckboy 101/1319

8. Pictus Cat 130/1588

9. Jeff Pasquino 135/1479

10. Jeter 114/1555

11. Ruffrodys05 54/1196

12. Renesauz 143/1627

13. Fullback Fro 101/1556

14. Reaper 138/1620

15. Shadowmaster 84/1231

16. Radballs 123/1077

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p.s. thanks for keeping up with this all season renesauz. :rolleyes:

gdit 3 boots this week including the 35k

still alive in wsl, barely leading the pack in anarchy, and earned a bye in reunion


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