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White Elephant Week 7 FINAL (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
(This Week/ TOTAL)

1. Pictus Cat (121/951): PC may need to earn immunity next week, because week 9 looks ugly for him.

2. Rudy (120/909)

3. Road Warriors (128/903)

4. Fiddles (134/889): Deep WR's keep Fiddles' scores pretty consistant.

5. Jeff Pasquino (115/813): Another with deep WR's, but not great WR's. No QB week 10 looks like his downfall.

6. Aaron Rudnicki (149/812): Week 8 Immunity and Kevin Curtis almost back. Aaron looking good.

7. Old Milwaukee (105/808): Alive for now, but no depth.

8. Blue-Kun (106/775): No WR starpower = likely exit soon.

9. Duckboy (106/754): Matt Schaub has kept DB alive the last couple of weeks, and has Cincy this week.


10. Jeter (94/859): Jeter had a strong start this year, but became inconsistant.

11. Ruffrodys05 (62/608): OUT week 6

12. renesauz (100/887): OUT week 5

13. Fullback Fro (110/799): OUT week 4

14. Reaper (121/864): OUT week 3

15. Shadowmaster (122/673): OUT week 2

16. Radballs (99/575): OUT week 1

If it wasn't think week, it would have been next after I lost Reggie. Good luck to the remaining teams.


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