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Who should I move and who should I keep? (1 Viewer)

tortilla sauce

I’m in desperate need of a top WR. I know football well but I’m just the type who is awful at coming up with fantasy trade ideas. I feel like I have a solid base to win now, but I need to make a move. Playing in ppr, 10 man dynasty. 

QB: Hurts 

WRS: Godwin, Chase, Meyers, Davis, C. Pat, Ruggs, Mooney 

RBS: CMC, Cook, Barkley (Mattison/Hubbard) 

TE: Hock

I’m really interest in trading for MT, but unsure of what is value is right now, or if he’ll even be the same player when he comes back. I want to keep Barkley and CMC & I think moving Cook will get me the best value in return but he’s so injury prone from being overworked, guys in my league are hesitant to trade with. 

What should I do with this team?

Thanks for all the help guys if anyone sees this post. 



Your WR's are fine.  I wouldn't be trading Cook for a WR and especially not at a discount.  


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