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Who to drop (1 Viewer)


I need to drop 2 in ppr to get my kicker and defense. My choices are:

Michael Carter

David Johnson

Jamaal Williams

Latavious Murray

Courtland Sutton

Jacobi Meyers

I am thinking Murray and Sutton but would like your input. Thanks.



I hate to say it, He was my 1st ever pick in my Dynasty startup.... But D Johnson is stuck in a 3way committee on likely the worst team in the league this year. 

Tough choice. Any of these guys could still produce. Are you stacked at WR? (Not sure why Sutton would be a choice over these RBs TBH)?? Unless you ARE stacked at WR I wouldn't cut Sutton or Meyers right now.

I'ld probably go Murry and Williams actually. (But all 4 RBs are really really close for me)



I should have included my lineup.  I am weak at RB and not bad at WR.  Fields was too tempting to pick up in the last round be he is also someone I could drop,

I had a brain blip and picked up Shenault after drafting Chark.  I'm waiting to see which is TLs favorite before moving one of them.

12 team PPR - QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN, 3-IR

QB – Aaron Rodgers, Justin Fields

RB – Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler, Michael Carter, David Johnson, Jamaal Williams, Latavius Murray

WR – Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, DJ Moore, DJ Chark, Laviski Shenault, Courtland Sutton, Jacobi Meyers

TE – Logan Thomas

K – ???

D – ???



Murray for sure. I would say Williams would be next but like you said you are weaker at RB than WR. I dont like the idea of dropping any of your WR's however. If I had to pick with a gun to my head, I would lean Sutton. 



Yea, I guess with this lineup I understand the Sutton drop then? Can you try and move him in  package somehow?? He's got value for sure.



I would not drop Williams.  He is going to be worth playing this year and will get a ton of touches.  I would drop one of Johnson/Murray for sure.  Do you need Fields?  I understand the upside but with Rodgers you don't need him at all.  I would drop Fields unless it is the kind of league where there are absolutely no QB's on waivers for a bye week filler.  

If you don't want to drop Fields I would likely lean towards both RB's but wouldn't be too disappointed dropping one and then Sutton.  If that is the case I probably keep Johnson and drop Murray as you know what Murray is.  Johnson could end up being something if the play time shakes out in his favor.  


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