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I just got one of my players back from IR and I need to drop one of these guys:

(1) R. Mostert (RB-Miami)
With the recent acquisition of Jeff Wilson from San Francisco my concern was that this would create a RBBC situation. This seems to be borne out by this week's game with Mostert only getting 9 carries for 26 total yards. The only saving grace was that he scored a touchdown which gave me 8.6 points. So, my question is how big a factor is Jeff Wilson going to be from here on out and should I consider dropping Mostert?

(2) D. Henderson (RB-Rams)
For some reason the coaching staff seems intent on not giving Henderson his due because, even though he has clearly out-performed Cam Akers time and time again, they insist on hammering a square peg into a round hole and giving Akers (or anybody other than Henderson) a sizeable slice of the carries. I mean, every game it seems that Henderson is averaging 4 or 5 yards per carry while Akers averages just 1 or 2. But they end up splitting carries--or to make matters worse, Cam Akers gets even more. So, is it time to pull the plug and drop Henderson?

Anyway, I need to drop one of these guys and was wondering which one might hold better value down the line as my playoff chances seriously hinge upon it.

P.S. I'm in a half-point per reception league with 2 RB slots/2 WR slots/1 Flex slot. Thanks again.
Of these two I likely drop Henderson. Although I would have to think there is somebody else you could drop over those two guys. RB's are hard to find and even though these guys are underperforming there is likely nothing better on waivers and whichever guy you drop will be immediately picked up. They are each an injury away from getting full time work in what should be good offenses.

I would drop my WR5 or 6 or TE2 over one of these guys

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