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Who would you keep? (1 Viewer)


I am in a 10 man PPR league. I have 2nd pick. We can only keep one guy and you lose a pick for the round the guy was taken in. I know for certain either CMC or Justin Jefferson will probably be available. Who should I keep?
Austin Ekeler-1st rd
CeeDee Lamb-2nd rd
Travis Etienne-3rd rd
Josh Jacobs-5th rd
Michael Thomas-6th rd
Justin Fields-8th rd
T.J. Hockenson-9th rd
Tyler Lockett-11th
If you believe the holdout won't hurt Jacobs and he will be close to last year then he is the choice. If you are down on Jacobs then I would go with Lamb.
If you can get either CMC or JJ for sure, I would keep Lamb. Next choice would be Jacobs. TJ is tempting at the 9th rd, as he has been getting drafted much earlier. But having a combo of CMC/Lamb or JJ/Lamb, is a great start. GL!
jacobs for me as well. decent value and with you drafting a top 3 player anyway with 1st pick may as well keep jacobs and hope to get another high quality player in 2nd. may not be lamb but if lucky maybe it is and even if not prolly a comparable tier player in round 2
Jacobs and Fields give the best value in my opinion.
Lamb (he won't come back to you late second round but you could probably get similar value with your pick, like Waddle)

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