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World Federation of Fantasy Leagues SF|TEP|PPR|Sleeper (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the World Federation of Fantasy Leagues. This will be a conglomerate of several individual leagues. Each league will have 12 teams, broken down into three divisions. SF, TEP, and PPR. $25 per season, must pay two seasons up front.
These leagues will have their own schedule and payouts but will also compete in competition cups against other leagues.
As well as the competition cups, the Federation will celebrate its champions with a Champions League each year.
Every two years, a World Cup will be held.
The league will be run through Sleeper, with competition cups, Champions League, and World Cup tracked via Google Documents.
Owners will create teams with a city/state/region along with their mascot i.e. Anchorage Huskies. You may pick a city/state/province/region from anywhere in the world. I would prefer we don't use real teams, don't want to see a bunch of requests for Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers.
Teams will be placed in leagues based on their region. While it may not be the case, it is expected most regions will be in the United States, so there may be several US Leagues.

If you also have a league you are looking to fill, and your league would conform to the Federation bylaws, we could collaborate and have the league part of the federation. Bylaws in comments
World Federation of Fantasy Leagues is filling up:
Rules to join
You must join the Discord server within 24 hours of selecting a league to join (Will be in the league chat)
On the discord server, complete the form in the read me first channel
Understand that the fees are $25 per season with the first season due up front
Each team MUST be a name with a city/state/province/region and a mascot. Refrain from using real teams (don't want a lot of Dallas Cowboys).
You can read more about the Federation at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JjnK7s5GjissYzxJ6e71WqK47gvlhtgAxZcnpwO87zM/edit?usp=sharing

Waiting list entry form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UnqlgYCvwT3c0WNDZh93uEkDvWq8XaFqF8bhA_Ljyn8/edit?usp=drivesdk
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We have 2 US Leagues and 1 Euro league filled and drafting. Looking to get the Canadian and International league filled to get them moving forward. You do not need to be from either location but if you want to claim a team from those locations you may. I also have another US and Euro league we are recruiting for. Fill out the for if interested.
Current Configuration
US League I - FULL - Drafting
US League II - FULL - Drafting
US League III - FULL - Drafting
US League IV - FULL - Drafting
Euro League I - FULL - Drafting
Euro League II - FULL - Drafting
World League I - FULL - Drafting

US League V - Recruiting - This is the primary focus at the moment.
Euro League II, World League II, International League I - Reviewing to determine which is the best path forward once/if we get more International teams.
Total teams in leagues: 84
Total teams confirmed and waiting to be placed: 3

Here are the bylaws, you can use the entrance form link in the bottom of the document if you would like to join

Or you can come into the Discord and apply that way as well
WFFL is a Federation of 12 team leagues. These leagues will be designed to be located globally. Each team will have its own schedule, playoffs and payouts. They will also compete against other leagues in competitions and progressive pots. Every two years we will hold a Federation Cup where all leagues and teams play in a single elimination tournament.
Current Configuration
5 Full US leagues
3 Full Euro Leagues
1 Full World League
Recruiting underway for US League VI.
May also have 1 more international/world league if I get teams for it.
Bylaws, entry form at bottom of bylaws.
Can also sign up through our Discord
I am recruiting for two more 12 team leagues in the World Federation of Fantasy Leagues. The WFFL is a collection of 12 team leagues broken down into three divisions. Each league will have its own schedule and playoffs but it also competes against all of the other leagues in other competitions. These competitions will include competitions cups and progressive pots. There will also be a Federation Cup every two years which will be a single elimination tournament where all teams in every league competes. The leagues are ran on Sleeper, with the other competitions tracked through google documents. The leagues are SF, TEP and PPR. It is $25 per season with two seasons due up front. We use leaguesafe with majority vote. We also have teamstake available for those outside of Canada and US. Our primary communication tool is Discord for the whole federation.
Below are the bylaws. If you would like to join, there is an entrance form link at the bottom of the bylaws:

You may also come directly into the Discord server and follow the directions in the Read Me First channel to complete the entrance form:

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