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WR and Flex help (1 Viewer)


14-team Championship game and I'm asking advice for the first time this year.  I have Mahomes, McCaffrey, Damien Williams, and Cooper locked into my lineup.  

It's a .5 PPR league (with 1/25 KR/PR yards) and I need 1 WR and 1 flex from this list: Golladay, Fournette, Lockett, Jamaal Williams.   If it matters, I made a defensive move and also picked up James Washington (opponent has Juju) so he's an option if Juju doesn't go.

Also need to choose between Burton and Ian Thomas for TE but I'm inclined towards Burton at this point.

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I should have been more specific - I need a WR in addition to a flex from that list.  Basically Golladay vs Lockett and Fournette vs Williams.

Thanks for the responses.


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