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WR3 for WEEK 9 - PPR (2 Viewers)


I have 5 players on Bye in Week 9, so everybody on my roster that doesn't have a Bye is a must start for Week 9. Trying to pick among these for Week 9 - don't care about Week 8, but ROS beyond Week 9 would also be a consideration.

Here is who I am looking at (WR and TE are the same position for us, so basically pass catchers)

Tyler Boyd home vs Panthers
Josh Palmer at Falcons
Gerald Everett at Falcons
Zay Jones home vs Raiders
Allen Robinson at Buccaneers
Mecole Hardman home vs Titans
Kadarius Toney hme vs Titans

Mike Williams is out for next 4 weeks for Chargers, which elevates Palmer quite a bit. But Palmer missed Week 7 due to a concussion and is on Bye Week 8, so it's possible that he might still be in the protocol for Week 9. Tyler Boyd is currently on my roster, but everybody listed above is available.

ETA: Toney now on the list after trade to Chiefs
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