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Xavier Legette WR South Carolina (1 Viewer)


Time to start putting this guy on your fantasy radars for when he goes to the draft. He is 6'3"/227lbs and has the fastest ball carrier speed in football this season on this play. That's right, he hit a higher speed than all of those Dolphins players we are so excited about. Size and skill to high point the football with speed to breakaway. A rare combination.
He's been battling injuries the last month or so, but finally made over 1k yards yesterday. Some bad drops in the rain too though.

There is an aspect of this stretch that reminds me of owning Julio Jones. Almost every bit play is followed up by him coming off the field hurt.
Senior Bowl is going to be important for his prospects. We know he is big and fast, let's see how he responds to coaching and going at other NFL talent.
This is the year of the big fast WR draft. Many projected 1st and 2nd rounders are 6'3" or 6'4". Last year, many smaller drafted WRs balled, Flowers, Addison, Downs, Dell. JSN and Rice around 6 feet and physical. Is the bust rate higher for highly drafted tall WRs versus shorter ones? I think the taller WRs don't provide as much separation, maybe they never learned separation skills.
Dane Brugler
Rocky first day of practice from WR Xavier Legette (his routes and finishing). Scouts will be looking for progress from him throughout the week.

Derek Brown
Xavier Legette getting loose on Day 2.

Hope he continues his bounce back with a strong Day 3 @seniorbowl
Looks like he fights the ball on both these plays. Big push off on the first one too. Reminds me of Mike Evans. 🤣
Sounds like Xavier Legette is closer to 6’0” than to 6’3”. Similar thing happened with Rashod Bateman leading up to his draft.
Did next to nothing in his first 4 years in college and had a minor breakout in year 5. I'll pass.

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