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Zeke trade (1 Viewer)


Looking to get some RB help...was thinking of offering my Julio/Chris Carson for his Zeke/Fitzgerald. Thoughts? 1 PPR league

My team: Luck, L. Miller, Chris Carson, Julio, Theilen, Burton, John Brown, Gostkowski

Bench: Bell, Cook, Mostert, McGuire, Gabriel, Amendola, Engram

I think I hold at this point.  Carson is not a bad option at RB as his volume is there and the Seahawks want to run.  I don't see that changing.  Julio is consistent but it would be nice to get some TD's.  I don't see a big enough difference between Zeke and Carson to warrant the downgrade from Julio to Fitz. 

Fitz is going to be very inconsistent and untrustworthy due to Rosen.  Could be a headache.


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