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wannabee Strategy Thread



I will be attempting to research and write one new article/post a week. I have the first one completed, with more to follow. Please feel free to comment. I am wanting to use this as a forum to discuss ideas and thoughts on players and situations.

I know others have done this, and are doing a great job by the way. I wanted to start this for trades, waiver wire, keeper strategy, etc. I am not a great guy for the "who should I start" type questions, but I do enjoy the strategy questions.

Feel free to post anything and I will give you the best answer I can. I would also like to encourage others to post answers to your questions, too. This is not about me, but rather about talking strategy as it applies to your specific team.

Fire away ..... with questions that is.

Please check back for new ideas and thoughts. Post 127 is copied and pasted from a thread/post by Beto about draft slots. A very good read.

Also, posts 124 and 125 are write ups about the rookie 2005 RBs written in December. Post 126 links Bloom's write up on those rookies.

Post 123 discusses possible future topics. Please weigh in if you want to see something else.

Below are the write ups on certain players/topics (I will try to keep up to date):

Matt Jones posts 64, 69, 70

Antonio Gates posts 76, 88, 89

Chester Taylor post 128, 223

Ernest Wilford post 131

Michael Clayton post 165

Cedric Benson (buy low) post 167

Gus Frerotte (buy low) post 198

Joe Jurevicius (possible sell high) post 202, 220

Rookie RBs in redraft post 203

Titan players in redraft posts 215, 235

Overall discussion on value posts 107, 112, 216, 239

Value of Rookie RBs post 48, 55, 57, 58, 61, 168

Value of Rookie WRs post 120

Draft preparation posts 10, 133, 134, 135, 145, 224, 234

Underdrafting of kickers and defenses posts 96, 97

Handcuffs post 231, 232, 246

Nightshift's insight post 91

Pro-football-reference.com intro post 254

Drinen article on WR consistency on same team post 255

Drinen article addressing WR/RB & RB/QB consistency from same team post 256

Drinen article assessing predictability of production post 257

Drinen article "who throws it where" post 258

Jeff Pasquino master dynasty thread post 259

Jake Plummer (buy low) post 262

Zach Hilton (buy low) post 263

Samie Parker (buy low) post 264

Amani Toomer (buy low) post 265

Laveranues Coles (buy low) post 271

Joe Horn (sell high) post 272

Aaron Brooks (buy low) post 279

Julius Jones (sell high) post 280

Brett Favre (buy low) post 282

Edge James (sell high) post 286

Links to the game logs for all teams post 289

Links to each team's target info post 292

Kurt Warner (buy low) post 303

This is not the year for Stud WR theory post 306

Bears Team Defense (sell high in redraft) post 311

Sluff RB2 strategy article (addressing the implementation of the strategy) part 1, post 363

Sluff RB2 strategy article (addressing details of the strategy) part 2, post 371

Draft Pick Trading Hint post 370

"Taking a Stand" post 380, 381, 382, 383, 385, 390, 391, 392, 397, 398, 401, 406, 438

Redraft QBs maximization post 387

BOLD predictions posts 485, 488

This thread has grown larger and faster than I expected it to. I was given a helpful and friendly PM saying so and they were right. I am not very good with links. But, I will link each page, not good enough to link each post.

Page 1 - Posts - 1-50: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...246784&st=0

Page 2 - Posts - 51-100: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...46784&st=50

Page 3 - Posts - 101-150: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=100

Page 4 - Posts - 151-200: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=150

Page 5 - Posts - 201-250: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=200

Page 6 - Posts - 251-301: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=250

Page 7 - Posts - 351-401: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=300

Page 8 - Posts - 401-450: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=350

Page 11 - Posts - 450-499: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index...6784&st=500

New content added:

A look at the Jaguars Play Distribution post 1036

A 5 Year look at PPR -> Player Distribution

A Look at the Panthers inability to run the ball post 1078

A Look at Finding Value Post 1109

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Hi Jeff. I am looking for your WW advice for week3 for my team#1. I am thinking Helu first since I have no RB depth. here are my rankings. Would you look to best available or improve greatest weakness? What would your top 5 or 6 be? not necessarily my picks. I think I am dropping Collie and Evans. should I drop a Def instead?

my ranking:

1 Helu

2. D.Nelson

3. Powell ( will target last since i think not on anyones radar yet)

4. Fred Davis

5. De Alexander

6. McCluster

I, too, like Helu best. He is a definite pick up. Next, I like McCluster ... then Fred Davis if you want best player. I would drop collie and a defense .. and wait on Evans to get healthy. At least he is in a decent situation
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7 player keeper league, 10 teams, standard scoring with all TD's 6 points even for QB's & no PPR.Starting lineup 1QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 Flex(RB, WR, or TE)QB's Hasselbeck, P. Rivers, B Favre RB's R. Brown, J. Addai, J. Lewis, J. Stewart, K. Jones, D. McAllister, P. Thomas WR's R. Moss, S. Smith(Car), J. Cotchery, B. Engram, K. CurtisTE's C. Cooley, V. DavisK N. Folk I will have 2 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks in 2009.Trade I give B. Favre, 2nd 2009 & 5th 2009 picks for M. Bulger, G. Jennings & his 6th 2009 pick.I am thinking that I should take the trade since he drafted Bulger about were my my 2nd round pick will be and Jennings would have went in the 1st round of the draft. I drafted Favre with the last pick in the draft.

Love the deal for you ... because I like Jennings a ton for the future.
Deal is done but I change the 2nd rounder for my other 2nd which should be lower then the one he wanted.Would you trade Jenning and Cotch for either B. Edwards or AJ. Both teams only have one other startable WR. Or would that be way to much to give up for either of those WR's. I was thinking more on my 7 keepers for next year but I guess I could always drop my QB.
I would keep Cotch and Jennings a while to see how they each do with the new QB ..... I think both are top 15 wrs this season
Have another trade in this league E. Manning, T. Holt & his 2009 1st which would be in the middle to top for Hasselbeck, S. Smith(Car) and my 2009 2nd which will be near the top.I countered with E. Manning & Fitz for Hass, S. Smith and my 2nd round pick which he turned down and told me it was to much but I told him I have the WR's now to deal with Smith missing 2 games and Engram missing 3 games.So what do you think.
I think I would pass on his offer. The QBs probably cancel out leaving Holt and a 1st for Smith and a 2nd. Even though I love picks, I would choose to keep Smith. He is younger and has no long term health problems
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Looking to aquire FWP as my #2 RB for 1-2 years. He also has T. Jones but I do not like that situation, with FWP we already know Mende is his competition and I think the Steelers ride out FWP for 1-2 more years.12 team PPRI want to offer either a draft pick, WR, or some combo. The other owner needs WR's or picksMy trade bait:S. MossDriverGageHesterMark ClaytonPicks- 1.9 thru 5.9I also own both Winslow and Daniels and he really needs a TE, but I don't think FWP is worth 1 of these guys?

this is just me, but I do not think FWP is worth the 1.09. I might throw out 2.09 and either Mark Clayton or Driver, depending on if you need a solid vet wr or one with upside. No way would I give either TE for FWP straight up.
That's right in line with what I was thinking.Now another option- looking to aquire AddaiThe Addai owner is deep at RB and weak at WR, he also has Addai on the trading block. His only real WR's are Holmes and Gonzales and my WR's are AJ & Cotchery, the group above plus M. Walker & Kelly.I'm thinking of Cotchery plus a throw in for Addai- what do you think?Bottom line I can go after FWP and give up less or try for Addai but weaken my WR's
I really do not trust either, but would rather have Addai because of upside ... plus his handcuff (maybe Rhodes if they re-sign) is a lot cheaper. Who are your WRs? I would think Santana and the 2.09 should be close. I would try to keep the 1.09 and take a WR and trade Santana ...
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always appreciate the info.. i know it always seems like i have a LJ trade ? for you but got another one. i'm in a 8 team 2 veterans keeper league, i have SA and LJ(currently) and have been offered rudij and veterans pick 6 for LJ. scoring- 8 pts per rushing td and 1 pt per 10 yds rushing. we start 2 qb/3 rb/3 wr/1 te/k and def.i currently have pick 1 and will most likely take peyton. i also have pick 2.04 (12thoverall). pick 6 would most likely assure me 1 of the top wr's: TO,fitz,holt,chadj,ssetc. my concern is that the bengals rushing schedule looks brutal but the ever increasinginjuries to chris perry has intrigued me. thanks ahead of time...

with 8 pt TDs, I would keep LJ. He should be a stud in that league.
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Jeff - I need TE help (H Miller) and I have been offered Keller for E Bennett. What do you think?

do that in a heartbeat. Bennett, imo, has been passed by Knox
Yeah, I'm thinking Keller's value stays pretty consistent if not high this year. I like where he ranks in the Jets' offensive pecking order as well. It seems like trying to figure out which days Bennett will have a good game will be tough. Thanks for the help.
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Ok Jeff....Thanks for advising me all season and now its on to the playoffs! :coffee:

Here is my First Team and my match-up

Anderson v BUF

RB (2)

Maroney @ NYJ (Maybe a better option this week b/c of weather??)

Stecker v STL

Walker v DEN

Peterson @ MIN (Whole different team w/ Orton)

WW Options (Please tell me who u would drop---Doesn't have to be a WR)

Fred Jackson @ CLE

Chris Brown @ KC

WR (3)

Wayne @ OAK

Housh @ SF

Berrian @ MIN (Has been great lately-faces a weak secondary but now I have to deal w/ Orton :wall: )

Crayton v PHI (Read the ankle injury & tape that had an impact on his performance last week...is there room to be hopeful?)

WW Options (Please tell me who u would drop---Doesn't have to be a WR)

Gaffney v JETS (Bad weather may effect passing game...right?)

Bryant Johnson v Saints or Urban who outplayed him last week. Little doubt that Warner won't put it up a lot vs the Saints secondary-WHO is the guy this week?

Mark Clayton @ MIA


Gonzo @ TEN ( They are tough v TE's & I think Croyle goes back to Bowe this week)

Miller @ JAC (Another tough D, but w/out Holmes I like Miller to get involved...you?)


Crosby @ STL


Indy @ OAK

Cowboys v Philly

My Opponent's Team

Kitna @ SD

Peterson v CHI (Purple Jesus Version)

S Young @ HOU

Jennings @ STL

C Johnson @ SF

Branch @ CAR

Gates v DET

Folk v PHI

Steelers @ JAC

---I think he is going to destroy me! I am looking forward to your keen analysis :mellow:

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Thank you for the kind words. I try my best and actually remember the bad picks. On the Colts, I do not trust them to play all their players enough to be solid starts. Good luck this week.

I'm guessing you figure Wayne's not going to get enough targets to be worthwhile?My other options are basically any of NYG's WRs (vs. CAR)--I have Steve Smith of NYG, and WW pickups like Wallace (vs. BAL), Chambers (@CIN), Roy Williams (@WAS), Louis Murphy (@CLE), Josh Morgan (vs. DET). Most of those have okay matchups but inconsistent targets. Who, if any, is a good replacement for Wayne?
Wayne has two things working against him. Revis will guard him, and is stellar. I expect the Colts to pull their starters part way through. I would go with one of the NYG, prob Smith w/ Nicks injury
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Hi Jeff, me again. 12 team dynasty ppr league. I was just offered a trade and would like your advice. Thanks in advance for your help. Here is the proposed trade:

Trade (ME) Beanie Wells and DeSean Jackson for Donald Brown and Michael Crabtree.

Again, this is a dynasty league, and although I need help now, am thinking in terms of dynasty value.

League scoring is 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 10 yds rush, 1 pt per 10 yds rec, 6 pts per rush/rec td.

Thanks again.


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The guy who has VJax also has Murray?

Would you make an offer for Vjax offering Randle(you see my roster) or who?

He has Newton and Rothesberger at qb. I don't see him letting Newton go.



vjax is not an upgrade over your current wrs so i would hold tight and hope to strike gold with randle

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Hello Jeff, THIS IS PPR 1QB,2RB,3WR,FLEX,1TE,K,D MOCK DRAFTThis will probably be one of the last times I ask for your drafting opinion. My last big draft is this weekend. I used your rankings on this one(rate MY team didn't like it to much) I landed about 10 of your top 60. Always appreciate your feedback.RiversDaltonMJDCHARLESSPROLES.....THESE THREE IN YOUR TOP 10 FOR PPRSPILLER REDMANTHOMASAUSTINBLACKMANFLOYD SDGONZALEZRUDOLPHJETSTHANKS BROTHER!

Wpould love that start at RB and there are enough WRs. I think that team is a winner. Given your QB/TE combo, I might take a QB2 like Locker a round before TE in Rudolph - even though I like both. The one thing about MJD is the holdout. I have him high just because I do not expect it to drag too far into the season. In fact, if he misses week one, I will likely start moving him down. The good news is that MJD usually goes at the 1/2 turn -- if not later -- and you can get Jennings for insurance around the 7th or 8th. Just think that is a strong combo and Charles/Sproles will catch a lot of passes as long as they can stay healthy.
Yea...so your saying MJD's falling right now, and that's one of the biggest things figuring when to take them picking 8th. I also took Calvin the other day and got two of those guys in the second and third. (Sproles probably goes in 2nd or third as well since it's ppr)Charles is there at 1.8 and Sproles or MJD in the second with Richardson falling around the 2nd as well. (Hard not to take three with the Wr's being deeper and our Flex. ??
You can get great WRs in the 4th ... like Marshall or Steve Smith ... but the RB depth is lacking
OK...one last time...sorry..trying to use your suggestions...I think I like this one:Real one coming up....pprPicking 8th 12 teams:CharlesSprolesWelker.....Mjd,"Richardson,Murray gone at this pointAustinRyan...in the 5thD. ThomasSpillerGonzalezL. MooreSchaubLittleStarksRudolphGrostkowskiBuffaloMaybe should of gotten one more Rb...but i liked this one. Hopefully I have a good idea what i need to do now.
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Hi JeffMy RB1 is Lynch.My RB#2 are:1. Grant at TB2. T. Jones vs Ariz3. Jackson at TBShould I drop Jackson (GB) and pick up Buckhalter (PHI)?Who would you start at RB2 in week 4?Thanks.

I like Grant, but TB has a tough run defense. I would hurry to pick up Buck as I think Westbrook misses time. If you pick up Buck, start him.
Hey Jeff...Just to clarify. You would drop Jackson (Grants back-up) and pick up Buck and start him at CHi over Grant and T.Jones? Thanks.
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Would you trade the 1.02 and 1.08 for 1.01 in a dynasty league or would a 3rd or 4th round pick be enough to move up 1 spot instead of the 1.08. How much of a difference is there from 1.01 to 1.02?

I would stay put. I like Stewart a lot. I think it will take the 1.08 pick to move up the one spot, and I would not want to do it. I happily have the 1.02 (via trades) in two dynasty leagues.
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if julius jones is ruled out, do i start justin forsett at st louis or ray rice vs pittsburgh?i play in a ppr. i know rice is usually a no brainer, however, forsett has a nice matchup against st. louis and catches a lot of balls.your thoughts?

I think I would go with Forsett. He catches a lot of balls.
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for guiding me to a tough win last week. Finals time in one league and semifinals in the other. Hopefully your insight will get me to the promised land!

Standard scoring (6/TD, 1/10 yards, non-PPR):

League 1

Pick 2 WRs:

Andre Johnson (vs. TEN)

Colston (@CHI)

Antonio Bryant (@ATL)

Edwards (@PHI)

This one comes up fast because of Colston's game Thursday. All have somewhat tough opponents, and I don't know who to go with at this point. Would be tough to sit Bryant after Monday night. I think I would play Colston. Tenn only gives up 198 passing yards and .6 Tds a game. Bryant and Colston

Pick 2 RBs:

Westbrook (vs. CLE)

Slaton (vs. TEN)

Jacobs (@DAL)

Westy's a no-brainer. Jacobs is banged up and has two others to pick up the slack. Slaton's got most of the carries to himself, but can he go off again versus the Titans? Or do I try to pick up a RB off waivers? Jonathan Stewart (vs. DEN) and Dominic Rhodes (vs. DET) are available and have good matchups. Stewart versus Slaton is the only choice for me at RB2. I think you go with Slaton. I know it is risky, but I do not like starting RBs who split carries when I need a win

League 2

Pick 2 WRs:

White (vs. TB)

Wayne (vs. DET)

Randy Moss (@OAK)

DeSean Jackson (vs. CLE)

I think I have to go with White and Wayne. Asomugha will be draped all over Moss. Antonio Bryant is also available in this league! Stay with White and Wayne

Pick 2 RBs:

Slaton (vs. TEN)

Stewart (vs. DEN)

Kevin Smith (@IND)

Again, do I dare start Slaton? Lots of RBs available on waivers (Pierre Thomas, Rhodes, Ward) I think I would stay with slaton. The other two is a tough decision. Smith should get carries against a soft Colt defense. It is close. I think Stewart has a better chance for a huge game while Smith has a higher ceiling.

Too many options this week. I hope you can help me sort through some of this.


good luck.
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Hey JT,

Curious on your thoughts on rookie TE's in a HP Scoring format. 0 PPR RB's, 1 PPR WR's, and 2 PPR TE's.

Keller is on my radar and I am wondering if 1.7 is too high for him.

**To give you some insight on last year's league #s.**

2 RB's broke the top 30 in scoring

3 TE's were in the top 10


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12 team dynasty league Standard scoring no PPR 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TEQB's- M. Vick, T. Romo, C. Henne RB's- A. Foster, M. Forte, J. Best, M. Barber, D. Ward, B. Westbrook, J. McKnight, S. Vereen WR's- R. Wayne, B. Edwards, V. Jackson, N. Washington, M. Thomas, J. Cotchery, P. Crayton, R. Cobb, A. Benn, G. Salas Te's- J. Witten, T. Heap, L Kenricks, J. Carlson K- D. Akers DEF- San Diego, Baltimore Would you trade Best for Witten someone has offered me Witten for V. Jackson but thinking of counter with that or would you be ok with going into the season with my TE's.

no, I would not do either. I think Heap will be ok. If you are looking to upgrade, you prob could flip Moeaki for Winslow ... and add Carlson if need be.
I rejected the trade and he come back with Witten, A. Benn & B. Gibson for Burress, Moeaki & my 1st round pick next year. I did win the league last year but do not like giving up future 1st round picks because you never know what might happen. I am already without my 2nd and 3rd round picks next year so this would only leave me with a 4th round pick. Would Witten be better then any rookie player that I could pick in the 1st round next year.
I like it for you but witten's td numbers last yr are inflated compared to past years. think I would look to throw in another piece (Heap, Carlson, Henne, etc) and ask for a 2nd back ... &/or tell him he can keep gibson.Overall, I like it but massage it to get a 2nd back without giving up much (yes, I know how that sounds :) )
Ok I counter with this trade and he accepted know I have another one that has been offered to me. A. Benn, P. Crayton, J. Witten and two 2012 3rd round picks he did not have any 2nd round picks so went with the 3rds for J. Norwood, P. Burress, Moeaki, & 2012 1st round pick.Now to the trade that was just offered to me D. Clark, M. Sim-Walker, V. Young, D. Avery, L. Robinson & 2012 2rd round pick for J. Witten, J. Best, C. Henne, J. McKnight, B Edwards. I am thinking no since I do not see what I am really gaining other then a 2nd round pick next year but I lose Best.
that is a horrible deal for you ... clark is not close to witten. Witten has consistent catch and yard numbers while clark has had one good yr and a bunch of injuries in between.
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14 team Dynasty league we can start 3 RB's Scoring is standard with no PPR.

My RB's S. Jackson, LJ, C. Benson, Portis, C. Perry

His RB's D. Williams, Norwood, K. Smith, F. Jones, P. Thomas, M. Bush

Would trading Portis for K. Smith, RB Det and the 1.08 be a good trade for me. Would I be getting enough for Portis or with getting a young back be enough. This team has shown interest in Portis but have always throught he did not have enough to get him from me and he told me he would not give up higher the the 1.08 and another player for Portis.

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Hi Jeff – What do you think of Flacco now?

My QBS are Hasselbeck and Garrard, with Garrard only startable if he’s at home. Flacco was nails early in the season, but hasn’t been all that great lately.

With a week to go until our trading deadline, should he even be a consideration for me?


12-team NON-PPR redraft league. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB Flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. 16 player roster.

Passing TDs = 4 pts, all others 6 pts. 1 pt for 10 yards rushing and receiving, 25 yards passing.

His Team:

QB: Rodgers, Flacco

RB: Chris Johnson, Portis, Ahmad Bradshaw, Betts, Forsett

WR: Santonio Holmes, Harvin, Wallace, Collie

TE: Witten

DEF: Pitt, Miami

K: Reed, Scobee

My Team:

QB: Garrard, Hasselbeck

RB: AP, Ronnie Brown, Lynch, Chester Taylor, Sammy Morris

WR: Roddy White, Chad Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards, Berrian

TE: Vernon Davis

DEF: Phil, GB

K: Tynes, Stover (wk 10 bye for Tynes)

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I realize this thread is more about strategy than start/sit, but this has been killing me.

#3 WR for week 1-- Lance Moore or Antonio Bryant?

I'm leaning towards Bryant at the moment, but am having a really tough time settling on that decision. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Jeff,

I am required to carry 2 TEs bc of our WR/TE Flex position.


I liked COOK as a second option bc of how much Hasselbeck has bounced back throwing the ball. I think COOK will still do well especially with the BRITT situation.

So, I am listing a few names below for you to check-out and tell me if you like their upside in case I need a fill in for HERNANDEZ.

Here they are:




I would have to drop COOK for one of the above, would you, or is he a solid #2 TE option to stand by?

**OR---I can drop DENARIUS MOORE for a 3rd TE. Do you think DENARIUS MOORE is worth hanging on to?

DHB is available but I don't trust him.


I do not like any of those options better than what you have. Hernandez will get healthier soon and you will be in good shape. I would hold Moore as long as possible waiting for Oakland situation to sort itself out.
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Hi Jeff,

This is a Non-ppr dynasty Zealots league.

I have been offered two trades and was wondering if any of them look like a good deal for me or should I sit tight with the two rookie picks.

Current relevent players on my team:

Carson Palmer QB Bengels

Philip Rivers QB Chargers

Ray Rice RB Ravens

Matt Forte RB Bears

Willis McGahee RB Ravens

Laurence Maroney RB Patriots

Justin Forsett RB Seahawks

Greg Jennings WR Packers

Steve Smith WR Giants

Jeremy Maclin WR Eagles

Santans Moss WR Redskins

Mike Wallace WR Steelers

Braylon Edwards WR Jets

Mike Thomas WR Jaguars

Pierre Garcon WR Colts

1st trade offer:

I would give:

rookie pick 1.04

rookie pick 1.06

I would recieve:

Joseph Addai RB Colts

Steve Smith WR Panthers

What team would look like after trade 1:

Carson Palmer QB Bengels

Philip Rivers QB Chargers

Ray Rice RB Ravens

Matt Forte RB Bears

Joseph Addai RB Colts -New addition with trade

Willis McGahee RB Ravens

Laurence Maroney RB Patriots

Justin Forsett RB Seahawks

Greg Jennings WR Packers

Steve Smith WR Giants

Steve Smith WR Panthers -New addition with trade

Jeremy Maclin WR Eagles

Santans Moss WR Redskins

Mike Wallace WR Steelers

Braylon Edwards WR Jets

Mike Thomas WR Jaguars

Pierre Garcon WR Colts

2nd trade offer:

I would give:

Rookie Pick 1.04

Rookie Pick 1.06

Jason Snelling RB Falcons

I would recieve:

Jonathan Stewart RB Panthers

Rookie Pick 2.06

Rookie Pick 3.03

Team after 2nd trade offer:

Philip Rivers QB Chargers

Ray Rice RB Ravens

Matt Forte RB Bears

Jonathan Stewart RB Panthers - New addition after trade

Willis McGahee RB Ravens

Laurence Maroney RB Patriots

Justin Forsett RB Seahawks

Greg Jennings WR Packers

Steve Smith WR Giants

Jeremy Maclin WR Eagles

Santans Moss WR Redskins

Mike Wallace WR Steelers

Braylon Edwards WR Jets

Mike Thomas WR Jaguars

Pierre Garcon WR Colts

+ rookie picks 2.06 & 3.03

I am slightley leaning towards the Jonathan Stewart deal but both seem fair too me. What do you think Jeff, or would I be better off holding tight with the two rookie picks and see who is there?


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Hi Jeff. How much of your blind bidding money should a guy bid for someone like Brandon Jackson? I had Ryan Grant, so would really like to replace him. I've never done blind bidding before. We each have $1,000 to start the season.

It's only the first week, but if Jackson is the man in GB, how much does a guy bid? All $1,000? $850? $500? I know it depends on how bad someone else wants him, but what's a "reasonable" amount to bid on someone the first week of the year?

12 team redraft, NON-ppr, start 2 RB, 3 WR, and 1 RB/WR. 20 player roster, passing TDs 4 pts, passing yds 1 for 20, rushing yards 1 for 10, receiving yds 1 for 10. Thanks!

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WB,I have some tough decisions this weekend and was looking for some input.Scoring system: 8 pts per rushing/receiving td 1 pt per 10 yds rushing/receivingI need to pick 2 out of the following rb's:Taylor (not crazy about the matchup)Lundy (too soon to start him?)Caddy (yardage has been consistent)Benson (i remember when Turner was supposed to get clean up duty)I also need to pick 2 out of the following wr's:GallowayGlennKennisonMuhammadGabrielReggie WilliamsAs always,thanks in advance !! Have a great weekend !!

I would play Taylor easily. The next one is tough for me to decide between Caddy and Benson. I am not a Lundy believer. On this one, I would probably go with Benson since you get more points than most for TDs. I see Benson with 50 total yards and a TD. On the WRs, I would go with Galloway for sure. And, the other one would come down to either Gabriel or Reg Williams. I would watch the weather report for the Philly/Jax game. They expect high winds. If so, I would go with Gabriel. I might go with Gabriel anyway, especially with Garrard expected to start.
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Hi again Jeff,

Just received a trade offer from the league in my sig

I trade away:

Joique Bell and AJ Green

I get back:

Gio Bernard and Malcolm Floyd

I'm leaning towards saying yes. What do you think?

I would pass since you are trading two startable players for one. I might feel differently if Gio was not banged up, too

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Hi Jeff. this is a 14 team redraft. we start 1rb, 3wr/te and a rb/wr/te flex. we get return TDs but not return yds and no-pprI was offered Eddie Royal and give Felix Jonesi have Gore, Rice, Felix Jones, M.Bush, coffee and lynchfor wrs/tes i have Calvin Johnson, A.Bryant, Carlson, Winslow, Murphy, schilens. so given the max number of rbs we can start is 2, i feel rb heavy. if this was week one, trade would be a no brainer. But now we see fred jackson doing very well and royal invisible, i am less optimistic on lynch and royal. right now I have zero chance to pick up Sims-Walker or Knox or Stokley or probably any of the popular waiver pick ups this week. If I make the trade it is possible I could try to include the 3rd waiver pick the royal owner has. not sure though. I was considering starting jones this week en lieu of rice if barber is out.

I do not htink I would do this deal. I know you are hurting at WR/TE, What waiver position are you? Also, I think I might entertain the thought of moving Lynch/Bryant for a top WR. You could then hodgepodge RB2
i am picking 12 of the 14 teams
would you consider Jennings a top WR. I have him at 6 predraft. the fred jackson owner has jennings
would love jennings. I think he is easily top wr. If not, is there a chance Edelman is available for your waiver pick?
edelmann is out there, i would guess, he might drop to me. would you start him over my others until welker returns?
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Hey Jeff

Quick WW question.

I have Berrian and Nate Washington.

I dropped Crayton for Washington this week. After tonight I will reverse it dropping Washington (b/c Holmes will be back) for Crayton.

Berrian or should I say Grossman drives me nuts...so I want to say bye bye to Berrian...

I like Stokely do you? I know Walker is back but he is the Welker of the Broncos.

Kevin Walter & Justin Gage are also available.

As usual thanks for the advice!

I won't know if I won until after tonight in both leagues. Counting on the Steelers D, Heath Miller & Washington.

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12-team redraft, 2 Player Keeper, 14 Round Draft

Right now I have pick 1.04 if I so choose (we pick our draft slot prior to the draft, otherwise I can move down in the 1st Round from 1.04 to 1.12, or anywhere in between.

My two Keepers are Fitz (who is my 3.04 pick) and Dunn (who is my 4.09 pick).

An owner has inquired as to the tradability of Fitzgerald. In our league, Keepers retain their Keeper Draft position status whenever traded. So this guy inquiring holds pick 1.10, 1.11, or 1.12 in the first Round (he's one of 3 new owners, and all new owners go to the back of the pack for Draft position choices).

I'm wondering if it'd be worth it in the long run to trade him Fitz for his 2nd Round pick. I'd give him my 2nd at 2.09. Fitz would be his 3.10, 3.11, or 3.12, depending on his draft slot.

The trade would give me 1.04, an early 2nd (either 1.13, 1.14, or 1.15 depending on his draft slot, and I would get back my 3rd rounder (occupied by Fitz right now) at 3.04.

If I stay with everything the way it is right now and do not trade, and keep the 1.04 slot, I'm targeting Portis, Tiki or S. Jackson at 1.04, and the best REC available at 2.09. In playing around with the DD, my choices at REC#2 are, most likely:



D. Jackson



I'd do the trade if I could make sure to get either Manning, or one of C. Johnson, Holt or T. Owens at the #2 pick. But then at #3, my choices would be the likes of:

R. Williams


J. Walker



I definitely want to stay with going RB, REC, REC, RB for my first 4 picks.

Am I that much ahead to move up 6-8 slots in the second Round by trading away arguably a TOP 5 REC in Fitz (maybe only to receive equal value in the 2nd anyway....)



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Hey Jeff:

Someone offered my Fitz+Parker for AP+Reggie Williams+'08 second rounder. What are your thoughts?

PPR Dynasty;

We start:

1 QB

1-3 RB

2-4 WR

1 TE

1 K





Adrian Peterson

Kevin Jones

Tatum Bell

JJ Arrington



Chris Perry

Roy Williams

Chad Johnson

Braylon Edwards

Javon Walker

Reggie Williams

Ike Hilliard


Chad Jackson


Ant.Randel El

Kevin Walter

Desmond Clark

Vernon Davis


Tenn. Titans

Thoughts? I don't like giving up AP but it boosts my WR group even more. Although, do I need that boost? Hrm...

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I'm undecided between Favre or Bulger for week 4.

Seems like they're both in the top 5 on most cheatsheets this week.

My league gives 1 point/every 20 passing yards, 6 points per TD pass, 5 point bonus @ 300 passing yards, another 5 @ 350 yards, etc. , -1 point per interception.

My gut says stay with the hot hand in Favre, but Bulger's playing a cupcake Detroit passing D.

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Jeff,Have to pick between Garcon who let me down, Williams, L. moore and little went off of course last week.Also is any of these Rb's worth a flex play over any of the Wr'sThanks,God Bless, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

I have sick to my stomach last week as I saw Moore catch those Tds ... sorryI think Moore or Garcon .... since I see NO/ATL as a shootout, might lean that way. Like them over the RB choices
Bench Williams in favor of Moore? Garcon is in alreadyThanks for All the help this year!!! :popcorn:
yes, Moore over Williams
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****I checked tonight and Kenny Britt is on the WW....

Who, if any, would you DROP for him?

Britt faces the Texans this week, a nice matchup!

EVERYTHING I read says to start him, are you a believer?

I feel solid with Nicks & Garcon, its the #3 that causes me concern....



WRs (3)

Hakeem Nicks v PHI-- He's back, right?

Mike Williams (TB) -- SCARY SLUMP!

Pierre Garcon v JAX -- Solid Start!

Robert Meachem @ BAL -- ZERO last week....HERO this week?

Vincent Jackson v SF -- This is all about TRUST? Worth the Risk, during playoffs????

If Floyd does NOT play on Thurs, start Vjax. I would order them Nicks & Garcon ... then Meachem if not VJax

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Jeff, Redraft

I would assume Westy over Stewart?

I hope to get both although I will have to drop Hernandez ( i have Dreesen)

Just your thoughts and def. for rest of year




Chiefs naming a few

Was thinking Chargers have some nice home games.


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Passing TD 4 rushing/receiving TD 6 0.5PPR for TE/WRJust took this team over. Thinking I need to upgrade WR corp.Any advice helpful.rookie picks 1.2 2.2 3.2 4.2Losman, J.P. BUF QB Manning, Eli NYG QB Addai, Joseph IND RB Arrington, J.J. ARI RB Dorsey, DeDe CIN RB Hunt, Tony PHI RB Maroney, Laurence NEP RB Morris, Sammy NEP RB White, LenDale TEN RB Williams, Carnell TBB RB Bennett, Drew STL WR Berrian, Bernard MIN WR Carter, Drew OAK WR Curtis, Kevin PHI WR Gage, Justin TEN WR Hackett, D.J. CAR WRHagan, Derek MIA WR Henry, Chris FA WR Hester, Devin CHI WR Jarrett, Dwayne CAR WR Williamson, Troy JAC WR Clark, Dallas IND TE Winslow, Kellen CLE TE Crosby, Mason GBP PK Graham, Shayne CIN PK Packers, Green Bay GBP Def

The two areas for concern for me are lack of WR stars and overall depth. There are a few players on the roster that should be dropped for better waiver options. QB:Eli is a good starter. You could use a decent backup. I would consider asking the Trent Edwards' owner what he would cost ... hopefully cheap. I might consider taking a rookie QB at 3.02. In most leagues, Flacco or Henne will be there.RB:Addai is a very good RB1. Maroney/SMorris is a good RB2 combo. White as RB3 and Caddy as RB4 is more than adequate. Arrington could be dropped for a better waiver option. Hunt and Dorsey are "holds" unless decent options on waiver. Getting a stud RB at 1.02 will help considerably as well. WR:Curtis, Hackett, and Berrian as starters is pretty bad (sorry to say). The rest of the WRs are decent depth guys. To me, you are only one stud WR away from really competing. I would definitely take a WR at 2.02 and 4.02. Also, I might consider trading Dallas Clark to a TE-starved team for a WR upgrade. TE:Winslow/Clark is a good combo.Since you will be drafting a good Rb at 1.02, I might look at trying to trade Maroney (and keep Morris) for a top flight WR. After his run throughout the playoffs, Maroney should be able to fetch almost any WR not named Fitzgerald or Wayne, imo. I would still consider a deal like Dallas Clark and Berrian for a guy like Cotchery if you can pull it off. Selling Maroney and getting a solid WR2 for Clark/Berrian would give you a good young team that can compete in 2008 and possibly go pretty far. First thing I would do is scour the waiver wire for upgrades to your bench. Maroney should be a hot commodity and I would not settle for a decent wr, you can get a good wr in return. Hope this helps.
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Hi JeffSay in the third round both rookie RB's (Stewart/Mendenhal) are still around but so are a couple of the above RB's (ie Brown. Graham, James, Parker). Would you grab a rookie over any of them or over a WR?Also another possible scenario for me may be that with my 2 keepers (Romo/Lynch) I draft with my 1.11 pick a RB2 and with my 2.04 pick a WR (we draft 6 WR and start 3). Would you with my 3.11 pick draft another WR or a top TE1 (we draft 2 TE but start 1) seeing that the TE1 may outscore my WR2? With 14 teams drafting 6 WR each (84 total) the WR position gets quickly watered down. Would you ever consider drafting a TE1 over a WR1? Just trying to figure out what my draft strategy / order should be. Thanks..

I would want either four RBs (including Lynch) or three RBs and a WR after three rounds. I would wait on TE and WR2. Given that the league is bigger than most, the RBs will fly off the board. I would go RB-heavy and worry about TE later.
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Hi JeffStandard PPR leagueNeed to pick 2 out of the following for 2 flex spots this week. Who would you go with:1. Greg Salas @ Arizona2. Johnny Knox @ Philly 3. Earl Bennett @ Philly4. Ben Watson @ Houston5. Willis McGahee @ OaklandThanks.

If willis plays, have to start him. Salas would be the other. Is ogbannaya available? He should get the lion's share of carries this week.
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10 Team PPR

I have Zac Stacy --- Keep hearing about Benny Cunningham!
Frank Gore --- Better to have him or stash Carlos Hyde on my bench?

My RBs are:
Reggie Bush
Joique Bell
Bishop Sankey
Frank Gore

Just stand pat with my current RBs and relax with Stacy & Gore for now?

Is Bishop Sankey a better option than Benny Cunningham or Carlos Hyde?

I don't want to believe that I have the #1 RBs only to find that Cunningham & Hyde are starting and Sankey is on the bench

SPROLES is out there as well on the WW.....


You do have the RB1s for the two teams. If worried, dump Sankey for Hyde. This would be only a handcuff move, but provide insurance

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Here we go week 7: PPR LEAGUE

Peyton Manning is back :goodposting:

RB (2)

APeterson @ PIT

FJones v ATL

RBush @ MIA

**Ricky Williams is on the wire BUT do I really want to drop Reggie Bush for him? I am in a PPR League and while he hasn't done anything amazing yet...I'm still cup half full on him...am I crazy?

**Jonathan Stewart is also available against the Bills...thoughts?

**Tashard Choice is my last option-----Feel really shaky about my RB options this week!

WR (3)

RWhite @ DAL

SRice @ PIT

HNicks v ARI

DMason & Calvin Johnson are on BYES ( I dont want to drop either of them to pick up a MAYBE guy )

TE (1)

BCelek @ WAS

ODaniels v SF

Carney is my Kicker

Vikings are my Defense (Do you think they will be a bit better than last week?)


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Hey Jeff,I've got a very strong dynasty squad whose only weakness is RB youth. My backs are:S.Alexander...M.MorrisR.Johnson...K.Watson...C.Perry...K.IronsC.Williams...E.GrahamA.BradshawB.LeonardM.MooreStart 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 K. 1pt per 10 rush/rec, 1pt per 25 passing, 6pts all TDs, PPR all positions. I typically start 3 WRs (Boldin, Colston, Ch.Johnson).SA and Rudi are solid but banged up already and I'm not sure how many years I can get out of them. Cadillac is a headache and I have very little hope for his future. There's a guy in my league who lost Deuce and SJax this week and only has Bush left as a starter (and he's on bye). He also has Norwood, who I'd like to acquire. Also, I'm deep at QB (Brady, Cutler, Roeth) and the other guy is stuggling (Brees, Huard, Kolb). I'd like to propose Cutler and Leonard for Kolb and Norwood. Obviously he should like the trade as it gives him a worthwhile starter at QB and RB this week and possibly longer. As for me, I like Kolb's situation as McNabb's likely successor and Norwood seems as good as any young RB with potential and his price is low at the moment.What do you think of that deal? Would I be overpaying? This guy is also a divisional opponent who went 12-2 last year so I feel like maybe he should be left to suffer... but then again I really need to find some RB youth because I probably won't be picking in the top 5 anytime soon. Or should I make a play for SJax somehow? :coffee:

I like the deal for you because (I think I am alone in both) QBs are easiest position to acquire in fantasy football and people overvalue them AND leonard is not an every down rb who will disappoint his owners. I like the above, but see the SJax injury as an opportunity. I might consider moving Rudi, Caddy and Cutler for SJax, Kolb and a depth player. I would keep Irons and trade Watson. This way, you get younger at Rb all the way around.
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Hi Jeff! Man you've been money so far! This week with no Fred Jackson, I have to play either Mathews, Ivory or Reece to go with Spiller. I'm leaning Reece.Assuming Jordy Nelson is a go, do I use both him and Cobb for my two WRs? I also have Danario Alexander and Shorts.Keller or Hernandez at TE?TIA!

Love Reece this week in a game I see NO up early and Palmer throwing a ton. I do not trust Mathews or Ivory (esp w/ Sproles possibly back).I would have NO problem starting both Packer WRs versus Detroit. This is the same Lions secondary that made Jarius Wright look good last week.I like Hernandez, but you might give him a week. it is a tempting matchup vs Indy, but hard to tell how healthy he is. Thank you for the kind words.
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Who would you start between A. Dalton and C. Kaepernick. I have been starting Dalton all year so don't really know if I want to switch for this one game. If it matters here is the rest of my starting lineup.F. Gore, M. Lynch, A. Johnson, AJ Green, K. Britt, J. Witten, T. Gonzalez, J. Hanson, SF DefPPR 1pt for RB's & WR's & 1.5 pts for TE's4pts for passing TD's and 6 pts for rushing TD's

I started Dalton over Kaepernick last week and it cost me ... so I would likely go with Kaepernick, even with the tough matchup.
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Hi Jeff,I've got to sign players to long term deals. Our total cap is $170. Any player we sign to a 3-year deal can be re-signed based on sportsline values (which are relatively cheap compared to our auction prices). Any ideas on who you would sign and for how long at QB? I have Andrew Luck on my college roster. The decision is between Tony Romo who can be signed at $18 for 2 years or $20 for 3 years, and Matt Ryan who can be signed at $14 for 2 years or $16 for 3 years. I think Romo for 2 or 3 years is the better call because we can bonus points for long TDs and Ryan seems to throw shorter TDs.Thanks!Gandalf

I like Romo much better, even with the bump in proce
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Jeff I have Wes Welker and he having hard time this year because of QBI saw Chris Chambers and Dwayne Bowe on WW should i pick one up and drop Wes

I would say no to bowe because his QB situation is even worse than Welker's. Chambers is intriguing. He should play this week, then have a bye week. I would do it for Chambers if you have depth to cover the bye.
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