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The show is well acted all around but Frances Conroy simply shines as Ruth. It looks like she got a well deserved Emmy nomination for every season.

She's incredible. Michael C Hall's my other favorite.
Being a big fan of Dexter it was a little odd at first to see his character in SFU. However if you look at it the two characters are very similar in their ability to be cold and dispassionate. Saw Hall in Gamer (turrible film) and it was nice to see him take a departure from that character type. I like him as an actor but I am still unsure if he really has chops or if he is locked into playing to a specific type. I should probably check out Peep World and East Fifth Bliss.
I see similarities, yes. But the more you see of 6'U, the more you'll appreciate his talent.
I give him a ton of credit for SFU, if I did not know who he was I would have thought for sure that he was gay. I particularly appreciated how his character slowly developed confidence as an out-of-the-closet gay man.

I'm not knocking him I just think his wheelhouse is emotionally distant.

Sure. I can see that.
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