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First time playing with FAAB, question

Sender Green


Hello FBG! I'm playing on yahoo. We have the default $100 budget. So I put in a few bids, and the system automatically reorders my bids putting the highest bids first. Is that how FAAB works? We can't set the priority/order of the bids? Currently my bids are:

1) McKinnon $26

2) Dwayne Washington (Detroit) $4

3) Matt Asiata $6

McKinnon will be the most popular right, so I have him first, but if I don't get him I want Washington. I don't think Washington will be that sought after so I'm only bidding $4. And if I don't get either I'll go for Asiata but I expect he'll be more pricey so my bid for him is $6. However the system is automatically ordering it by highest to lowest and the button showing the claim/bid as "claim 1 of 3" is grayed out and turned off. Is there a way to get around this and set the priority?

Thank you for your time! 

P.S. How do my bids look?! Too much too little? lol

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