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Titans at Chiefs AFCCG game thread

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Prior to mahomes the air raid had produced zero franchise QBs. In fact prior to mahomes the big xii had produced zero franchise QBs. It's dumb in hindsight but mahomes was basically playing in the are

Guy at the end goes for the ball instead of the tackle. Hate that.

Bill O'Brien says a fake punt is the move here.

Just now, lod001 said:

Longest span between SB appearances. Jets really own the record. They just can't be recognized as the owner of the record until they actually get there again.

Don't forget the Lions. I know we all want to, but we still can't.

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7 minutes ago, Bri said:

And Adios Mariota, most interesting player ever for the Titans.

Watch him sign in New England

And Tom Brady in Nashville

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3 hours ago, PennStater77 said:

If this crew refs the super bowl, KC will win hands downs.. I never seen an offense that runs screens, and short passes like KC not hold ever.

This crew had the TEN KC game earlier this year when TEN won.....

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Evans only played 38 percent of the snaps. Arguably their best defensive player or consistently their most impactful. He was quoted saying he could have played more but he supports the coach.

There's a lot of questionable decisions the Titans did and overthinking.

They'll learn.

KC lost and returned to win. Hopefully the Titans can do the same

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