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4th Pick in10 Team PPR



Hi there -

In 10 team Keeper League where we can keep 2 players. I kept Lamar Jackson and Antonio Brown both where drafted very late last year.

Have the 4th pick and am debating between Kamara and CEH. I'm a risk taker but not sure if I should just stick with the script. What do you think? Thanks 

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I also have the 1.4 but this year we changed to  a super flex PPR league. Ordinarily, in a non-super flex league, I would expect CMac, Saquan, and Zeke to go 1-3. Leaving Kamara or Cook for the 1.4 pick. Henry is in the conversation as well but his lack of targets in the passing game pushes him down a pick or two in my opinion. CEH should go in the range of 1.7 to 1.10. So be happy to take either Kamara or Cook.

Now, back to my decision, I’m thinking real hard about LJ or Mahomes at 1.4  if the first three picks go as expected. Any super flex players out there have advice on this decision? Sorry to hijack the thread...I thought it was interesting to ask it since the scoring has such an influence on pick strategy.

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