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Would you accept this trade? Pat Mahomes + Damien Harris for James Robinson and Tyler Lockett


This is a 1/2 pt ppr league that is very QB dependent. TD’s count for 10pts. We start 1 QB, 2RB’s 3 WR’s 1TE, 1 Flex...This is my current roster:

QB/ B. Roethlisberger, C. Wentz

RB/ D. Henry, J.Robinson, J.Taylor, L.Murray

WR/ K. Golladay, T.Lockett, R.Woods, D.Johnson, DJ Chark

TE/ TJ Hockenson, D.Goedert

Thanks in advance!

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Here are my concerns with the deal:

  • With Golladay being Injured I would need to get a WR back to give up Lockett.   You lose any WR depth with this deal
  • Harris is a huge downgrade from Robinson and the Pats seem to not want to give their best offensive player the ball enough.  


Basically you go from:

  • Big Ben, Henry, Robinson, Lockett, Woods, Johnson, TE, Taylor/Chark


  • Mahomes, Henry, Harris, Woods, Johnson, Chark, TE, Taylor


So, which lineup you like better?  If you trust Chark, Taylor, and Harris enough to roll with them as every week starters then do it.  If not, then stay put.  

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Thanks for the help.

I’m less concerned at wr than I am at rb. I assume Golladay will be back for the playoffs which would leave me w/a pretty solid starting three of Golladay, Woods and D.Johnson...I just don’t trust that NE will use Harris enough w/S.Michel returning.

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I'm not liking the trade. Especially with KG hurt. Taylor has only had double digit carries twice all year long so I don't see that as sustainable. 

You can't replace Lockett on the waiver wire. That risk is not worth the upgrade at QB or what you can get in a trade for Ben.  

Please see my post:


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