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Put in for 5 DK LUs, but honestly have 0 clue what to do for the Saturday slate.   

Seems like Buff, Taylor, and Akers will be chalk?  

My gpp leverage/pivots I initially wrote down were:  G.Davis, McKissic, Pascal, and TE like Higbee.    If I remember right, Buff and Indy Ds limit the deep throws so I thought maybe getting away from more chalky Hilton and Brown might be a way to go.   

Also, I love him, but Brady does suck under pressure so Wash D isn't a horrible low % play either.  

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I have no feels for the games this weekend, too focused on my Browns battling the world just to field a team.

I did kick in my $5 donation from the link so don't spend it all in one place winners :thumbup:

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