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In Topic: Dynasty vs Redraft Draft Strategy

26 July 2015 - 10:09 PM

The various published rankings do a pretty good job of ranking players within positions (including comparing across age/ability/potential). See FBG rankings, DLF rankings, DLF mocks, etc. The rankings that best match my views on players are, unsurprisingly, my rankings. You should decide before (or during) the draft if you want to try to compete in year 1 or wait and target year 2 and adjust your rankings accordingly (in terms of your willingness to draft old guys vs. developmental guys).


For comparing different positions against each other, a lot depends on your league's rules. In PPR dynasty leagues, WRs have a double edge over RBs - they're aided by PPR, plus they have longer careers. And, for the first 2 rounds of the draft, we happen to be in a time where there are several elite youngish WRs and very few elite youngish RBs. Elite QBs who give you a significant edge on the field have a lot of value if they're young, but right now that's just Rodgers, Luck, and maybe Wilson. Luck is a reasonable choice at #1 overall in most formats (and Rodgers in the first round), but some formats really devalue the QB position (e.g., 10 team PPR where you can start 4+ WRs and only 1 QB). If you can, look at the VBD leaderboard for your league's setup for the 2014 season to get a sense of the relative value of the positions.


Be careful about making trades before you have a sense of player values, especially trades involving draft picks. If you're thinking about trading future rookie draft picks, you can plug in the rookie from this year who is going at that pick to get an estimate of its value.

In Topic: What QB pricepoint do you like (according to current ADP) ?

26 July 2015 - 09:42 PM


Absolutely Brady at 7.9.  Sure, he will likely be suspended for 2-4 games, but you can grab another option with a good early schedule to cover.  Brady IMO is going to have a chip on his shoulder after Deflategate, and will likely be a top 5 QB for the remaining 12-14 games.



That would be surprising.  In his last 32 regular season games, Brady has thrown 1 or 0 TDs in 14 of them.  He is not a statistical monster anymore, and they run it a lot once they get inside the 5 now.  I do agree that he will have a chip on his shoulder, but he doesn't have the WRs to stick it to everyone on a weekly basis like he did back in '07 when he had Moss and Welker.  I think he'll still be a top 10 QB on a PPG basis, but top 5?  Not sure I see that.


Look at the games where he had a healthy Gronk.


If you call that weeks 5-16 in 2014 plus weeks 7-13 in 2013 (17 games over 2 years), he was on pace for 4729/38 per 16 games.

In Topic: What QB pricepoint do you like (according to current ADP) ?

26 July 2015 - 07:43 PM


In Topic: Best ZeroRB Targets in the Late Rounds - Rounds 10 and later - PPR

24 July 2015 - 11:22 PM

Very late, I like the Patriots receiving RBs (Cadet & White) - one of them could take the job and be solid. Also Ahmad Bradshaw, who has produced whenever he's been on the field and could end up in any one of several good landing spots if he can get healthy.


There is also a sweet spot in rounds 7-9 with Doug Martin, Bishop Sankey, and Duke Johnson.


In between, I'm not wild about anyone. I might go with Sims or Helu.

In Topic: *** 2015 Anarchy League Sign Ups *** Cause I am a sucker for punishmen

23 July 2015 - 06:35 PM

League 3 - IN