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  1. joey

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I like that move. Nice.
  2. joey

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    If you have other top RBs besides Chubb to start, I think that’s exactly the kind of price you have to pay for Hill. He IS already top 5 in 0.5 PPR.
  3. I just remember feeling like "of course they have career games against us on national tv" whereas I expected us to lose the 9er game this year. I also fully expected their QB to have that first-time-breakout because a) we really stink and b) first time QBs with no tape sometimes have that magical first game and then come back to earth. We were his magical first game. Another contributor for me might also be that I was a "fanatic" for the Raiders back in those days, and now, I’m kinda just stuck with them out of habit, so my emotional investment is much lower.
  4. The Monday night game where Jerry Rice scored like 20 TDs against us to break Jim Browns TD record. and the other Monday night game where Favre's dad died a few days before an he laid a million TD passes on us.
  5. I guess I don’t see him as top 10 and share similar concerns for future usage that have been posted since this reply. And, since you asked, I don’t have RBs of less potential, as my RB corps is Gurley, Gordon, Hunt and Guice (on the IR). It’s only a Keep 13 league, so that certainly affects the conversation as well.
  6. 12 team, non-ppr, Keep 13 league gave: Aaron Jones + 2019 mid-3rd rounder got: 2019 EARLY 1st round pick (from team currently in last place)
  7. I bought Jones for my 2.4 pick this past off-season. The dude who sold him to me has been trying to buy him back for one of his 3 2019 1st round picks for a few weeks. After last week's big game, I traded him back to that owner for his 2019 1st rounder from the currently-last-place team in the league. (I have an embarrassment of riches at RB in this league, so I was game to trade away some RB depth for a top pick). Thanks for amazing return on investment, A-Aron!
  8. joey

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    @Just Win Baby @Concept Coop @FF Ninja your Hopkins/allen back and forth is what keeps the Shark Pool great, so I just wanted to say THANKS and keep it up!
  9. I don't understand Team B's thought process. Kerryon is looking like a really good young RB and Fournette is proving to be very fragile. Obviously Team B must be one of the last remaining charter members of the Fournette Fan Club. The picks are on the wrong side imo.
  10. Shark Pool thread with ZWK in the title? insta-:blackdot:
  11. joey

    Le'Veon Bell

    I guess since I requested this, I'll be the one to post that BELL IS OFFICIALLY NOT REPORTING in big red type (for those who don't want to read a 143 page thread)
  12. joey

    Tyreek Hill

    Meh. I thought he should’ve put up 15/300/4 but I guess I’ll settle for him as my WR1.
  13. joey

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    I’m almost entirely talking dynasty value when talking about Watkins. Which one of those WRs would you NOT sell for a 2019 late 1st?
  14. joey

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    Do any of you dudes own Watkins? He’s absolutely maddening to own. It’s an absolute mystery when to start him and he goes off on your bench. And, yes, his ppg stats in non-PPR, 1/2 PPR, and full PPR are all in the low WR3 range. Folks say he’s a WR2 but the numbers say he isn’t, year after year. He’s in an amazing offense and yet, there he sits, in the low end WR3 range. I've held him since I drafted him and it’s been years of him not being a reliable starter. So, yes, I’ll happily boast trading him for a late 1st since I’d trade any WR in that range for a chance at a shiny new WR1 or WR2. Heck, what’s the worse that can happen? I end up drafting some dude at 1.10 who ends up being a barely start-able WR? Then I’m no better or worse off than I was owning Watkins.
  15. joey

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    In my 1/2 PPR league, he's WR34. Thirty Four. (I guess we must have other scoring differences besides that) So, I think I see him for exactly what he is: A WR that I waited to have a great game so I could sell him for a 2019 1st and move on to the next project that I hope turns out better.