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  1. Raiders training camp capsule pretty generic stuff but a nice summary of who's joined or left the Raiders this off-season heading into camp.
  2. The worst part is he broke his elbow again trying to reach for his license and registration.
  3. Tangent. Sorry.... not sure what made me look at this, since I don’t ever care about who's account is who, but I clicked on GOATee's profile name, saw in his history that he put over a dozen likes in a row in this one thread, so I clicked on the's from 2018 and almost all his likes were on lone star posts. Interesting.....
  4. Sorry. I’m anti-duplicate-threads so I’m taking it out on you all. i guess, as a Hill owner, I feel the need to read about him to stay up on the latest, and there’s duplicate info in each Hill thread, so I read them both. I’d rather just read it all in one place, but obviously that’s not how Joe feels, which is cool since this is his joint, but I’ll still whine a bit about it. for the record, I’ve been in your "let’s please wait and see and stop jumping to conclusions and convicting a guy before the evidence is out" camp the whole time. Way to stay level headed while others jumped to conclusions.
  5. Can we please let this thread die and go back to talking fantasy football in the "real" Tyreek Hill thread?
  6. I must not have renewed at Super Platinum Elite Subscription level. Where are you seeing these numbers?
  7. I like this idea if the league wants more that 17 weeks of regular season TV games. For FF, would still need to expand rosters a wee bit to handle more bye weeks, but at least there would be no "mandatory" rest weeks.
  8. Yes basically, I use both. (I assume you mean FBG Draft List, where they combine projections plus ADP) I really use the FBG draft app these days, but like having both the individual player rankings (where I put lines at my tier breaks) and the Top 300 rankings (more to see how Group Think might affect when I draft a player). It’s nice to see both individual rankings per position plus the overall rankings interleaved for a pov on cross-positional value. 2cents
  9. but this thread saves us from having to deal with this in the "official" Tyreek Hill thread. oh wait, no it doesn't
  10. two threads of this. thread lock please, mods.
  11. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply. Back to reading both threads
  12. Mods (read: @Joe Bryant ) Respectfully, can you please merge this thread with the other main Tyreek Hill thread? Or lock this one. I still don't understand the value of splitting these conversations into separate topics since it ALWAYS devolves into repeating the same info in 2 places, and then requiring all the board members who are interested to now have to check TWO threads for new info. thanks