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  1. I haven't really watch a "live" snap either weekend. I dvr them and watch the games later in the evening at a "brisk" pace. I'm with you. I don't care about NBA at all. Only care about the NHL once the playoffs hit. So this is great timing for "extra" football for me.
  2. I expected this run on sentence to end with "take that to the bank brohans" and then saw this wasn't part of an SMC schtick post
  3. I’m with you. non-CEO/non-hedge fund guy here. luckily we’ve owned since 2001 (even then, parents said to Mrs and I, “you’re paying WHAT for a 4 BR house?!?!). now that we’re single income, it’s hard to save more than maxing out 401k and IRA, $250/mo for 2 kids 529’s. Used to save a few $k more each year besides that but the recent tax changes now chews that up. all that said, wouldn’t want to live anywhere ride. Thinking of downsizing in 8 years when youngest graduates high school (moving 30 miles further north of SF). Love it around here.
  4. Decent crowds so far in week 2, which is a good thing. the 2 game on Saturday were not very well played, which is a bad thing. And McGloin goes from "hey, there might be some NFL talent in this league" to "oh, yeah, now I see why he dropped out of the NFL". C'mon, kid. Pull it together.
  5. I can see Gruden and Mayock both talking to Brown, just as kind, concerned human beings trying to support a guy and help him get better. But no way they sign him.
  6. Gave a ton?!? Deebo is a good, young WR, and Julio has a few more years but on the major downslope in value, and the other two are literally throw ins. And you still got a high 2nd back? Ridiculous! you won that trade by a country mile. Or city mile. Or whatever mile you want.
  7. Agreed. Because of this thread, when I checked in on rates last week with my broker, she said that 15's were at 3.375. I’m in the Bay Area so not sure if rates are different by region but we all know it’s very High cost of living here.
  8. George Lucas, Kathy Kennedy, John Favreau, Ang Lee and Guillermo del Toro. (Not all at the same time) in special effects/movie related conversations.
  9. Interesting. But he was in the NCAA at one point. Any idea how long? It’s nitpicking but just wondering how this might affect the future...e.g. a kid is a star in high school, doesn’t get a scholarship at one of his top choices, so decides to do X years in the XFL instead to make a little cash with the chance at a big pay day in the NFL. Would this kid bypass the draft system entirely and just get signed to the best contract he can. Sheesh, that would get ugly.
  10. I personally like LESS threads to check in on, so like when you drop your knowledge in here 2cents
  11. Yeah. Good point. I think they survive by working WITH the NFL and not against. So the "reject" angle (whether from college or NFL) is probably their best bet to coexist with NFL and NCAA.
  12. With the deeeeep WR class, would be a good year to have an early-ish 2nd to grab one there. Maybe package up a couple of 3rds to move up into the 2nd?
  13. Not sure but, Agreed. Leave college after 1-2 years, play 1-2 In the XFL for hope of a leap up to NFL. could there be a no-college path to the NFL through the XFL as well? (Or is that what you’re also implying/wondering?)
  14. Lord almighty, that’s horrific. I’ve adopted the NY Guardians, both as a former NYer as well as a McGloin/Raiders fan. Also, as a Raiders fan, any team with a mostly-black color scheme catches my eye. My family has adopted a "Damn, is there MORE football?! I thought this was over. I don’t give a crap" position on the XFL.