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  1. Hunt is a solid HOLD imo. I have room on my bench to hold a former RB1 for a year. Especially in a league if you can use an IR slot for a suspended player. Heck, I drafted Guice last year knowing it was a year of no return at all, why wouldn't I do the same for a guy who's proven to be an RB1?
  2. So we’ve officially moved from MFL to Sleeper. So far so good. I definitely miss a few little features of MFL already (silly things like the scratchpad to keep notes to myself). One question for the group as well as @Joe Bryant i cant find a way to connect a Sleeper league in MyFBG. Will that site be added to your predefined list of leagues this offseason?
  3. This news probably makes Cook my 16th keeper in FFPC. Upside is really high if this goes through. As a (trying to be former) Raiders fan, I wish the brought Cook back since a receiving corps of Brown, Williams and Cook would’ve been excellent imo.
  4. [major tangent] sounds like the global visual effects tax credits that have created a decade of a race to the bottom while movies with VFX are earning billions. If you’re interested in more, google "visual effects industry freakonomics" for an interesting article. [/tangent] i was offered Woods and Jeffrey’s for Hill in FFPC and declined, fwiw.
  5. Can’t wait til preseason starts and Bell is actually PLAYING football. This thread will be much more interesting then.
  6. I know. Sorry I keep coming into this thread repeating myself. I can’t help myself.
  7. Yeah. He might work his way all the way up to a low end WR2.
  8. I like the sound of that but I just read Cook is visiting the Saints. I love the idea of having a receiving corps of Brown, Williams and Cooks. +1000000000000000000
  9. I think it’s also good for the Raiders as a team. Just not for anyone’s dreams of increased fantasy value for Williams.
  10. Tyrell Williams WR rumored to come to Oakland. Seeing a much upgraded WR corps is going to be rolled out this year. (Understatement)
  11. but wait. this is a Raiders' signing?! I don't dare get optimistic, right? ;)
  12. Agreed. Grab one of the Big 3 D prospects at 1.4. And then, to mix things up, go D and D again at 24 and 27. LB and CB preferred. Then go RB or WR at the top of the 2nd. We just signed Joyner (Rams) at safety. I have no clue if he’s great, good or over the hill. Anyone?
  13. I think Mack might’ve helped with this as well. You know exactly what my point is, though. You trade away young studs to build for the future, get all these picks, and then show interest in an "old" WR with wants to be the highest paid WR in the game. You know it doesn’t add up.
  14. Regarding a trade to Oakland, as a (trying-to-be-former) Raiders fan, I’d just like to say: HUH?!?! what the eff is this team's plan?!