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  1. yup. Just got exactly those directions (use mobile site, not desktop. scroll to bottom of team page for commish tools) from the Sleeper Support folks within an hour of my last post. I really love their responsiveness. Unless my league balks at the lack of control to limit the # of future years of draft picks you can trade, I can't imagine us not going with Sleeper over MFL this coming season. And it's a low stakes league ($50per person) so saving that $70 MFL fee and putting that in the prize pool is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks again for all your replies so far, Zyphros. Maybe we convince some other commissioners to give Sleeper a shot this year who are reading this thread and with more users maybe we get those 1 or 2 extra features that make old, stagnant MFL either wake the hell up or go the way of the dodo.
  2. thanks again for the reply. any chance you found out how/if you can reverse a transaction as commish? I just ran a test add/drop but now can't find a way to reverse it without putting in an official waiver claim.
  3. thanks for the feedback, Zyphros. I actually did contact their support folks a few times today and this guy Daniel responded PROMPTLY and was extremely helpful, which is a great sign. I made a few feature requests: - to allow customization to # of future years of draft picks you're able to trade. It's currently set to 3 years with no ability to change. He said they hope to add that next year. - to allow the ability to resize the center panel of the UI, where all the important League, Roster, Settings, Matchup tabs live. Their right Chat panel is so damn wide and I'd love to be able to make the area where you do most of your business a lot wider. Thankfully, they said this request was made a few times so they're hoping to add that this year. (even though their support team replied quickly, I hope this site isn't the same as MFL where you get the "yeah, we're hoping to add that feature soon" but then nothing changes. Like ever. Never ever. with MFL ) Anyway, continuing to poke around the site and will invite the other owners to poke around soon as well for their feedback, but so far so good for our league's needs.
  4. We've been on MFL for a decade now. Same old story: powerful but steep learning curve for new owners, and costs $70. Someone recommended Sleeper to host the league next year. Free. Seems to have all the basic features we need (IR, trading draft picks, and such) since we're a pretty vanilla 12 team league. Another owner and I (I'm co-commish) are poking around the site now but I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences with running or playing in a league on Sleeper? Feedback appreciated.
  5. joey

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    we have rehashed this a million times when it happened. This is the Kareem Hunt thread and while this was news a few months ago, can we now focus on upcoming prospects, news on suspension, teams interested in signing him, etc. "Don't read it" doesn't make sense in this thread. If it were a thread titled "Discuss the Kareem Hunt Suspension" then, sure, I'd avoid. But as a Hunt owner, I'm not going to avoid this thread. So I politely request that we cut it with rehashing that old news, please. thanks
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    Um, nice pick.
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    @ZenoRazon, come back and take your lumps
  8. At this point in a survivor pool, don’t you want to pick the most "sure thing" and go with the Saints? save your "risk" for next week perhaps. I’ve never made it this far in a Survivor Pool, though, so I’m not saying I’m an expert.
  9. joey

    Doug Baldwin

    Baldwin definitely frustrated me this year and I was ready to give up on him (of course, taking injuries into account) but his usage in the last few games of the year where Wilson targeted him in key situations renewed my faith that I’ll hopefully have a WR2 in him next season. But I’ll be ready to trade him away if my team falters next season and Baldwin is doing well.
  10. joey

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Stop making all that racket while I'm trying to add up my league's fantasy scores using the newspaper box scores on Monday morning!
  11. joey

    LA vs LA

    you made me look it up... Rams = 30 (including STL and LA, of course) Niners = 27 Raiders = 26 (including OAK and LA, of course) Chargers = 14 At a quick glance, each list has some players listed that wouldn't really be associated with one of these teams, like OJ Simpson/Chris Doleman/Kevin Greene/Randy Moss/Dent/ Rod Woodson for the 9ers, Jerry Rice/Moss/Lott/Rod Woodson for the Raiders, and so on. LAC/LAR Super Bowl would be interesting since they're both such good teams this year, regardless of the fact that they play in the Raiders' home town of LA
  12. My thoughts exactly. I could keep the 2.9 and throw another dart at a rookie WR who would most likely have been drafted in the NFL draft LATER than where Pettis was, or I can spend the pick on a player who’s already shown flashes of being a very good WR in the NFL who, if you believe the hype, gets his future stud QB returning next year. I now own Pettis in all 3 of my dynasty leagues, so I’m all in and even if he only ends up being a solid WR2, that’s more that what I paid for him. Value, baby.