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  1. And he sure didn’t get a 1st for him from me either. Our trade didn’t go thru since I saw Slayton as more of a dart throw and wasnt the focus of the trade and he thought I was massively lowballing him. is it also worth noting that Slayton only turned it on a bit after both Tate and Sheppard were dinged up? (read that somewhere but don’t follow the giants so don’t know if that’s totally true)
  2. If true, it sounds list Oakland and LA will be in the house, big time!
  3. Oh yeah. 2020 rookie draft is already over. This is 2021 future 1st value.
  4. Disagreement with a guy in my league over value of Slayton WR NYG. He says future 1st. I say no way, much less. thoughts?
  5. Took Pittman at 1.12 in FFPC rookie draft 3 weeks ago over Higgins, Aiyuk and Mims. Hoping all the positive statements in this thread turn out to be true and I’ll conveniently forget about the negative statements. signed, Mr Confirmation Bias
  6. Agreed. I have Kelce and Andrews in an FFPC League (TE premium) and it never crosses my mind to trade either one since I can play both. I won it all last year with he likes of Perriman and Tannehill at my 2nd WR and QB position (granted they got HOT at the end of the season) but the advantage I have at TE and one of my Flex positions because of Kelce and Andrews can’t be understated.
  7. Here’s a payment calculator I used to do some math for my recent (as of Monday!) refi... Put in your original loan info and it’ll show you how much your "remaining payments" will be. Then open a 2nd tab and put in the info for your brand new loan and see what those total payments would be. I also put the amount into "repayment with extra payments" field that would make my new payment equal my current (higher) payment to see what the total payments looked like from there. To me, that was the true test: ie. If I still pay exact what I’m paying now, how much money do I save by refinancing to a lower rate?
  8. Quoting myself to move this thread to a FRESH START!
  9. I didn’t grow up in CA so I don’t really care where they play honestly. I’ll root for them wherever I live and wherever they play. but with all the back and forth, Oak to LA, LA back to Oak, lawsuits, maybe back to LA, maybe San Antonio....I am SO HAPPY to finally have a fresh start in brand new digs. I know there’s great history with the Raiders but screw all that. I’m loving a FRESH START in modern stadium, in a new, exciting town that seems tailor made for the Raiders image. Vegas, baby!
  10. I think the only thing free in the off-season nowadays is the daily FBG newsletter. They change it to subscribers only at a certain point in the spring/summer, but free before that I believe.
  11. Was that this off-season or last year? Seems like you found someone who is very down on Drake. Congrats.
  12. Why? I thought he left his great stint with the Raiders on good terms... 😜
  13. But these Rams rounded numbers with gradients and highlight lines somehow work for you? to each their own
  14. Oh man. The numbers get WORSE seeing them close up. So there’s not just the stupid yellow-to-White gradient. In both the yellow and blue numbers, there are stupid highlights like the numbers are 3 dimensional or folded ribbons (At 4 and 6 seconds in that video). Just horrendous.