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  1. Man, that grammar is horrible. We all know it's "Ain't flash NO smile in a long time"
  2. Survived with zero points from my 3 TEs. (1 on a bye. 1 inactive. 1 sucks)
  3. Just in time for the last Sunday morning waiver run in FFPC. Phew.
  4. I’m happy FFPC recently moved their 2nd waiver run til Sunday morning so I have a chance to IR him and fill the empty roster spot before next week. I like FFPC but I hate FFPC
  5. Maybe this is old news to you tech savvy folks... I miss Raiders talk on local sports radio (all 9ers all the time here. Yuck), so I searched and found a way to stream the Vegas local am sports station that calls itself “Raider Nation Radio”, 920am Las Vegas. I downloaded the (free) Tune In radio app, found 920am, and have been streaming that station the past couple of days. It’s been great to hear sports radio hosts talk nothing but Raiders football for the last few days.
  6. 3 words! D V R that’s what I did yesterday when the Raiders beat the, um, I forget who they beat luckily for me, though, was that my family and I were at the in-laws yesterday and none of them care about football at all. So it was easy to avoid the score and watch it when I got home.
  7. Sign Dak to a large contract. dalton leads the team to 9 wins because of the great weapons around him. Dak brings them to the next level above that. 2 cents
  8. Carr + Jacobs + Conner + Claypool + Mark Andrews +Giants D = Stayin' Alive 🕺