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  1. So I guess you're drafting Mike Williams then?
  2. Atkinson is worthless. Mumbles through generic, inane lines like he has a mouth full of marbles. Just hand him a pro-Raiders cue card and he reads from it while stumbling over his own feet. So, yeah, I'm with you on not digging Atkinson. But Papa is a freakin' pro's pro. Such a great voice of the Raiders. A shame he's going but I'm not crying over it or anything like that article seems to want me to.
  3. I'm in a 12 team, Keep 13 league, and Mike Williams still makes my keeper list, personally. Can't see how he wouldn't make a 20 player keeper list, personally. Just too much potential with a high draft pedigree to not keep him one more year.
  4. Absolutely. It’s a work of art combined with a work of catchy pop. Wife and I saw it in SF last year, we’ve played the sound track probably 75 times in the car on long drives and vacations, our 2 sons (13 and 8) know the soundtrack up, down and backwards (my youngest loves the fact that he can listen to music with profanities in it ). Just got tickets for all 4 of us to see it when it returns to SF next year. Can’t wait! Favorite character is either Lafayette/Jefferson or Washington (his powerful voice is undeniable).
  5. I love Papa but that article is a melodramatic eyeroll for me.
  6. I've moved firmly into the "I Don't Give a Crap Either Way" camp.
  7. Double post. sorry. .
  8. In the airport in the US, I convert $100 USD to Canadian just in case, and then convert whatever is left back to USD when I return to the US airport. But last time, I didn’t use a single dollar of paper money, so I "wasted" the cost of the exchange rate on each end of the deal, but it was worth it for me to have the insurance of cash if I needed it in a pinch.
  9. This. We've traveled abroad as a family for the past 4 summers and we not only got passports for the kids, we all have the Global Entry pass. Love skipping the long lines at security and not having to take of shoes/belt/etc.
  10. Thanks guys. Good stuff.
  11. Chris from FFPC just replied to my help request, went to my league's Stats Page, and said it works fine for him. And now it suddenly works fine fo me. Somehow, that "fixed" it. All good now. Anyone know if there's such a thing as a "watch list" in FFPC?
  12. Ah. Got it. Fair enough. Yeah, all these trade value discussions are meaningless if you can’t find an actual trade partner in an actual league you’re in. So trying to trade now when there are theoretically more potential tide partners makes sense.
  13. Thanks. The Stats tab gives me an error, so I just emailed their info@ffpc address to see what’s up. ETA: I’m assuming for folks in existing FFPC leagues, the Stats tab works just fine. Question for the OP, since it's your first FFPC league just like me, does the Stats tab work in your league?
  14. Mid to late 2nd for Brady sounds great. Offer accepted
  15. If you can wait (or don’t get a reasonable offer now) , hold a Win Now player like Brady til week 4 or 5, and hopefully there’s a team in contention that needs a top QB to put them over the top. That’ll be selling for max value.