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  1. In 12 team dynasty p, I have both Gordon/Ekeler and Gurley/Brown. Have to decide on 2 of those 4 and the Gordon/Ekeler option is definitely on the table (though, if Gurley is inactive, I think I have to start Brown over a workload split with Ekeler).
  2. too be fair, his contract is probably really favorable if looked at from the pov of "dollars per vertical inch of height" (read: the dude is a GIANT out there, amongst other giants on the OL. Don't know the last time I've seen an o-lineman tower over other o-lineman like he does.)
  3. See that. If you traded him away, you’d have a word to spare. Or: "Sell period", if you really wanted two.
  4. Love them running it down the Bears throats. Similar to the way the Colts beat the Chiefs 2nd place in the AFC West?! What?
  5. My "PBS Fund Raising Drive" Theory... During PBS fund raising, it seems they always have musical concerts and such to draw in viewers. Used to be oldies groups from the 60s. Now they're shifting into the Soul/Disco/R&B era over the past few years. Once they start having the Smiths and the Cure and Depeche Mode doing those fund raising "best of the 80s" concerts, I'll feel even older than I do right now at 52.
  6. One of the younger project managers at work is young. How young? I'm as old as her dad. Signed, Old
  7. I own both in a dynasty league and, right now, I'm leaning towards Ekeler for a "safer" floor. It's not like Ekeler can't be relied on by the team since he's been putting up big numbers while Gordon is out. I think they'll ease him in and am willing to take that risk. Basically, a "prove it to me" week for Gordon from my pov.
  8. didn't search for low ball offers. Probably should have. Not the most active league for trading, though not a barren wasteland. Definitely should have at least tried. And this league can't trade FAAB $, so that was off the table. I was personally shocked someone spent $300/$1000 FAAB on his. (next best offer was $150, which is more in the realm of what I expected). All that said...I probably should have kept him. Also adding...stupid Rex Burkhead. What was I thinking Final word: I'm still glad he's on ZERO of my dynasty teams.
  9. 2-2 and in 6th place out of 12. I have Goff/Rodgers, Gurley/MBrown, BCooks...what was once a run-away-with-the-title team the past 2 years has turned into a bunch of studs with question marks, suspensions or injuries. I also have rookies like Sanders, JJAW, DHenderson on my bench. In retrospect, I could've/should've kept ABrown and dumped end-of-bench insurance like Mostert or Burkhead, but the need for heatlhy and active depth, plus the fact that I'm a Raiders fan who was burned "personally" by ABrown, I thought I'd just cut bait and let him be someone else's problem. If another owner gets a few games or a year of a stud WR, I guess that's on me. (sorry for all the details on my roster but hopefully gives context to the types of real moves and decisions we are all faced with)
  10. I cut Brown in dynasty 1.5 weeks ago, but it's a Keep 13 league, so can't "waste" a roster spot on many/any players. That said, he was claimed for $300 FAAB by another owner at the next possible waiver claim, with 2 other lower offers. I was also hampered by the fact that my team has MGordon, Guice, Hunt, Gallup and now Ross and Adams all dinged up and using way more roster spots than my 2 IR slots allowed. So that was definitely a contributing factor in me needing the space now to try to compete.
  11. ok. now this argument has gone too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'd make that trade in a second for Darrell. I know he hasn't shown anything this year yet, but he is theoretically the future starting RB for the Rams. I like Samuels but he seems like a gadget player in a committee to me, long term.