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  1. About an hour after the carjacking occurred, emergency services arrived on the scene - from the foxnews article. AN HOUR?
  2. My son says "blah,blah,blah" in almost every conversation. Drives me nuts but like, what am I going to do?
  3. Will be interesting to hear more about these bystanders that jumped in. Maybe its the dude from Disneyland
  4. I'm in the vast minority but this sounds like manslaughter to me
  5. Not sure why Horrible Bosses isn't on this list but my pick would still be Michael. Big fan of this guy regardless. His dry delivery much like Leslie Nielson cracks me up. (I see boilerdave beat me to it above.)
  6. Just reminded me of another one for my list The Sting
  7. Inconceivable to me that I forgot to add this one to my list.
  8. I'm a fan but can see how some wouldn't get his humour. Just like any comedian. Good clean humour. I was disappointed in his appearance on CiCGC. It was pretty flat. He seemed to be following Jerry's lead the entire time.
  9. I was 7 when Canada played an 8 game series vs the USSR in ice hockey. To say this was a huge deal would be an understatement. I remember watching the games that took place in Russia in the school gymnasium. Canadian team got booed out of the country when they went there for games 5-8. Also fell in love with the instumental version of the their national anthem.
  10. I see there's a Money Heist part 3 dropping July 19. News to me. Probably will be disappointing but I'll give it a shot.
  11. Shawshank Bull Durham Major League Taken Tremors The green mile Independence day Die hard Wizard of oz Rear window Beverly hills cop Toy story
  12. I did that last year. It's bad luck.
  13. It's an amazing experience. I went in 2001 and have been trying almost every year since to get back but no luck. I still have the badge - Tue April 3, $21! Costs sure have gone up since then. No email yet about this year so keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. I'm going tonight so likely 2-0 or 2-1 loss. Sanchez is garbage. Sad to see. He can't have any value. I'd like to see them keep stroman build around him and get what they can for smoak, galvis and sogard. If anybody gives any thing for teoscar, mckinney or drury they can go too.
  15. Everyone agrees Bergevin's offer sheet was an easy one for the Canes to match. A bit of a "joke" offer as they say. My question is why did Aho's camp agree to it?
  16. Apparently half the total amount would be paid in yr1. (Bonus + salary). Would cost a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Most on tsn feel Montreal didn't go high enough.
  17. I also liked it better than 3 but i didnt love 3 so not saying that much. It ws cute and funny at times and the end was touching but i dont think it's anywhere near as good as 1 and not that close to 2 for me. The realism of the cat was phenomenal , however.
  18. Patiently waiting for the Habs big splash. Or, they do like last year and just carry a bunch of space for no reason.
  19. Shes tired from carrying the team on her back