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  1. Great show. I have only watched 6 episodes of s1 but it's hard to turn off. Exceptional entertainment. Probably would never have even started if not for the recommendation here.
  2. Initially thought this was referring to James Deen - the pr0n actor. Not sure which would be the worst casting.
  3. Lol at Dak. "That's my bad". Ya,no ####.
  4. Finished last night after a month long break between ep4 and 5. Somewhere along the lines it became a struggle for me to want to watch. Sad . Was so excited for these season. I was all in episode 1 then it lost me. Agree with most of the above. Ep6 was good , despite some minor disappointments. I'll still check out the new season to see how this goes from here.
  5. Prior to this you had to leave them in the car? Seems odd. Here, they aren't allowed to carry the liquor but have always (as long as I can remember, anyway) been able to go in with an adult. Single parents will like this new law.
  6. Also, Greinke had thrown < 70 pitches and given up 1 hit. This isn't a rookie. He's got pedigree. Would be really ballsy to remove him at that point. Sure it may have worked, or it may have backfired, but I don't think Hinch would regret the non-move at that point, at least not any more than any other little moves he made or did not make.
  7. Congratulations to all the nationals (and expos) fans. πŸŽ‰
  8. They're a very likeable bunch too. Aside from soto - who I like - not much to dislike. Happy for max to get a ring. A couple ex Jay's not named osuna also getting rings.
  9. Wonder if the ex asst gm is still f'n glad they have osuna.
  10. If anything the mistake was taking him out at all, imo. Hindsight, I know.
  11. I was mid 60s too. Pretty embarassed to see that R.A. Dickey's knuckleball got up into the 70s and that mofo was just floating.
  12. Much ado about nothing. Personally I think the strike 3 call on Robles was worse. Especially after a similar pitch to the previous batter Zimmerman that was much closer to being a strike was called ball 4. Every sport has these controversies over officiating. Always have, always will. Guess that's partly what makes them interesting.
  13. it's chalked in the field. he was running on the infield side of the base the entire time. Per the rule, he needs to be in the running lane at the point where the lane starts. If there's no throw, or the ball doesn't hit him it doesn't really matter but when it affects the play it's interference. As I said above, I think it was the fact he ran the entire time outside the lane (in the field of play) that influenced the umps decision.
  14. He sure settled down after the first. He was hit very hard in the first inning then almost nothing the rest of the way. Stud. Verlander can't seem to put it together in the WS but at least he's got comfy pillows at home to rest his weary head.