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  1. For what it's worth. I love the hisense H8G I bought a few weeks ago. Costco in Canada. 75 inch was $1797. My main criteria was a good refresh for sports watching and its been great for the hockey playoffs. The h9 is newer but didn't come in a 75 inch model
  2. Lmao. He was pushed and fell. Oh and 6 seconds earlier he blatantly hacked Johnson over the head. That wasn't intentional but its kind of funny to see you point put the "interference " when the slash was about as blatant as it gets.
  3. Based on how they played against the Habs i don't think he has anything to worry about.
  4. Flyers playing the prevent. This may bode well for the canadiens. 🤞
  5. Philly better up their game 20x for the next round. Montreal isn't a very good team yet flyers have 7 whole shots in half the game.
  6. Drouin made the pass. Hes skating well now. I feel like I should rip on domi now maybe get him going.
  7. This drouin guy is pretty good. Suzuki not bad either.
  8. 2 unlucky bounces. 2 goals down. Clearly not going to be the habs night.
  9. Don't think he was slipping but he isn't tall and youre right, time to move on. Both teams have a reason to rally. I expect game 4 Habs because they haven't played 2 good games in a row for about 14 seasons. At least I can watch tomorrow.
  10. I probably won't know 3/4 of these songs but I'll enjoy the writeups. Btw, Ryan Tedder= One Republic
  11. Thanks @krista4 I'm in. Sorry to hear about your divorce. GUess it's fairly amicable since you're referring to him as OH and not ####head or ########.
  12. I didn't get a chance to watch the game until just before flyers tied it in the third. Heard it was a good game. Figures id miss most of it. Sweet play by drouin and then suzuki on the GW. The earlier offside by D was inexcusable imo and I d say that regardless who did it but he made up for it on goal 4. Saw the kk replay and its one of my huge pet peaves these days. Almost all boarding calls are a result of a player turning towards the boards when the hit is coming. Makar did the same thing in the avs game earlier. Gallagher seemed to be able to chirp just fine after losing a few chicklets.
  13. Hes lazy, Has no hockey sense. He's a turnover machine and has no heart. Otherwise I agree with you.
  14. Certainly isn't an entertaining series. Montreal needs lots of things. Scorers for sure. They need to get whatever they can for drouin. I doubt sergachev is available but drouin needs to go. They need some size up front. Size, with some skill. And people who can bury the puck. Hopefully caufield pans out. I dont think montreal is anywhere near to being competitive. When kk, suzuki and caufield reach any kind of prime, price, weber, and gallagher will be done. The mistakes bergevin has made have ruined any good he has done with his good moves. Anyway. Congrats to the Flyers and Gritty.
  15. Apparently last Friday was a fluke for the Habs. Philly didn't show up, made Montreal look good.CH are not a good team and now won't draft until late teens.
  16. I've recently watched 3 of the top movies from last year. Parasite, JoJO Rabbit and 1917. I'd rank them 1. Jojo 2. 1917 3. Parasite. Wasnt nearly as impressed with Parasite as most. Didn't grab me, I guess. I watch lots of foreign TV shows with subtitles so don't think that was it. Just didn't like the characters much. JoJo Rabbit was great! Loved this movie. Superb mix of humour and drama. 1917 was very good. Not quite as good as JoJo but thoroughly enjoyable. Roger Deakens cinematography is always top notch.
  17. Wasn't sure there could be a worse pp than the Habs. After tonight I'd say there's at least an equal.
  18. I played hockey with his dad. 🙂 Bo, not Mario.