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Anarchy 1 Discussion Thread

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1.9 - Gronkonski, TE-NE: No brainer for me at this slot. Could be the top performing non-QB this year.

2.8 - Marshall, WR-CHI: Was hoping for Julio who went much earlier. Nice consolation in the mid 2nd.

3.9 - Olsen, TE-CAR: Figured the TEs would start flying off the board and wanted my second in this format.

4.8 - Cruz, WR-NYG: Really wanted Crabtree here. Cruz was the last of the tier for me and I figured he'll bounce back this year.

5.9 - Sanders, WR-DEN: Maybe reached here, but I figuring on two extra games for him. Too much production in Denver available not to get a piece of this.

6.8 - Johnson, RB-NYJ: Not much to say. Didn't see much value on the board so I added my first RB

7.9 - SEA D: Pulled the trigger early. Figure the advantage v. the rest of the field and the extra games would make them worth the price.

8.8 - Ridely, RB-NE: Hopefully he starts.

9.9 - Prater, K-Den: Seemed like a bunch of do do on the board and I wanted two kickers with a job and who would play extra games.

10.8 - Haushchka, K-Sea: All in. Hopefully a run starts.

11.9 - Anderson, RB-DEN: Another Bronco in the mix. Targeted this guy all along, huge upside.

12.8 - Davis, RB-KC: Same theory, different team.

13.9 - Hawkins, WR-CLE: Kickers flying off the board now. Like getting Clevland's WR1a/b at this slot.

14.8 - Streater, WR-OAK: Again, not much drop off from the few WRs that have been drafted since the 10th.

15.9 - NO D: Trying for a D that make have a post season appearance.

16.8 - TENN QB: Underated. I like picking up huge points late in the draft.

17.9 - HOU QB: I see a bounce back year and like their schedule.

18.8 - Brown, WR-BAL: Baltimore's WR2?

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1.12 Jason Witten - TE4

Probably too early but I always load up on TEs early. Pretty big drop off after the Big 3 though.

2.05 - Jordan Cameron - TE5

Sure, could be a few picks early but could easily be the top receiving threat in Cleveland. Sure, that could be like being named best prostitute in Kazakhstan.

3.12 - Andre Johnson - WR18

He's been Top 5-15 in this format forever (save the one year he got hurt).

4.05 - Vincent Jackson - WR21

Another guy that is consistently Top 15.

5.12 - Toby Gerhart - RB21

Supposedly going to get the ball 20-25 times a game. That may be a pipe dream, but if he gets the ball 18 times he will be well worth it.

6.05 - Chargers - QB16

Ranked 8th last year. Went pretty much 2 rounds earlier in the other leagues.

7.12 - Ray Rice - RB29

This pick is starting to look better even though he should have got a much longer suspension.

8.05 - Marvin Jones - WR40

Ranked 23rd last year and didn't really get much work in the first month of the season.

9.12 - Danny Woodhead - RB40

I don't think Woodhead suffers too much with the addition of Donald Brown. I see Brown backing up Mathews. Woodhead may not rank 18th again, but he should get more points than the true RB backups (unless a starter goes down somewhere).

10.05 - Aaron Dobson - WR57

I had higher hopes for Dobson this season, but he needs to get his a$$ on the practice field. Good production when he plays, however. Pats WR corps starting to look like a WRBC without a real stand out.

11.12 - Jonathan Stewart - RB51

The logic was that the Panthers have a new and/or inexperienced group of receivers and may choose to run more. Foolish thought he was healthy. That lasted less than a week.

12.05 - Justin Tucker - PK7

Should be in the top third of kickers.

13.13 - Shayne Graham - PK21

Was surprised to find a likely playoff kicker still available.

14.05 - Jace Amaro - TE30

The Jets don't have much besides Decker. Amaro should start right away. Went 80 picks earlier in a couple of the other drafts.

15.13 - Miles Austin - WR75

As debated in one of the other Anarchy threads. Who the heck knows what will happen with Gordon and the rest of the Browns receivers. Could be a great pick, could be nothing. Will have to see how things shake out.

16.05 - Rams - QB26

Should do well enough to be in the tier of mid-ranged QBs or close to it. Went 125 picks early in other leagues that don't understand the waiting on QB strategy.

17.13 - Dolphins - DEF26

Hopefully they won't be too bad.

18.05 - Falcons - DEF29

If they return to form from 2 years ago, this will actually turn into some found extra points.

Don't love this team, don't hate this team. Not a lot of playoffs points on the roster, I am afraid, but in today's NFL there are always a couple of surprise teams that make the postseason.

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Team recap.

Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC TMQB 201.78 11

Raiders, Oakland OAK TMQB 272.34 5

Pretty ugly group of QBs. I guess that's what happens when you wait until your final 2 picks to draft them. Really all I can hope for is that they aren't the worst 2 QBs in the league. I don't think they will be. I like Jack particularly. The added weapons on offense should help. Still this is my clear weakness on the team. Poor starters and virtually no post season shot for ether guy.

Hill, Jeremy CIN RB - 4

Miller, Lamar MIA RB 99.90 5

Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 209.70 10

Richardson, Trent IND RB (P) 112.00 10

RB is a strength for me. I like what I got here a great deal. Peterson perhaps the top RB overall in non PPR, which this league is for RB. Hill is my favorite for ROY and I love his situation in Cinci. They will get him touches and his strong probability to land in the post season was a huge bonus for me. Richardson just fell to a point that I had to take him. I don't love him as a player but he should compile numbers as the only real RB in Indy, a decent playoff team. Miller was a swing for the fences pick. In this format where weekly ups and down don't hurt you I really like his potential.

Bryant, Dez DAL WR 294.40 11

Lee, Marqise JAC WR - 11

Maclin, Jeremy PHI WR - 7

Robinson, Allen JAC WR - 11

White, Roddy ATL WR 152.10 9

I'm not really sure what to make of my WRs. I feel I have a real stud in Dez and WR1 in White. Beyond that it's spotty. Maclin could be a dark horse who steps up and produces WR1 numbers. He could also have little impact. I like his chances in that Philly offense now that Jackson is gone. I also like Philly as a playoff contender. I doubled up on the Jack rookie WRs. I think there is potential there, particularly with Lee who is scheduled to start.

Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE 109.90 11

Reed, Jordan WAS TE 159.70 10

Toilolo, Levine ATL TE 39.50 9

I love Reed this year and if he breaks out it will bode well for my team. If not, it will probably be a struggle because I don't have great guys at TE after him. Toilolo is a guy I'm just gambling on in Atl for a bigger role on what looks like a playoff team to me. Lewis was simply 1 of the few remaining starters at the time I picked him.

Bryant, Matt ATL PK 127.00 9

Crosby, Mason GBP PK 171.00 9

Solid here at K... Which of course means a lot. Well, ok maybe not. Still I like both teams to see post season action and I like them to score a lot of points as well.

Browns, Cleveland CLE Def 137.00 4

Jets, New York NYJ Def

I'm a little surprised I landed the D/ST I did given I drafted them so late. That's probably because they aren't good bets for the playoffs. Still, I really like the talent on these 2 teams and think they will score a lot of points in the regular season.

I'm not crazy about this team but I like it. Strength is at RB and perhaps WR. Glaring weakness is QB. As usual, a few breaks here TPR there will determine the fait of this squad.

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