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2016 WSL2 ***Draft Thread*** (1 Viewer)

Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
Think Sweet love was on 2 hr clock and has timed out again....so pmd shadow fax and he is up....box full and no pm received prolly not an excuse to wait if already on shortened clock....could be wrong...if so please correct me...not sure of time zones and ####...

Seems like tHisdraft has been dragging recently 

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IBL Representative
Yeah, this really has been the suck.  Not that hard to you the pm function to send lists.  Shadow times out at 10 am.


Sweet Love

IBL Representative
BassNBrew said:
Yup, his post was after his clock expired.

This draft is becoming a joke.  Does anyone pm lists anymore?
I have been PM'ed lists in the past, and in the spirit of being honest and transparent, I am not sure how it works.  So am I supposed to PM the guy picking before me my list of a couple of people?  What if my pick is who he would have picked?  Doesn't that create a quandry?  If I PM the guy behind me, how will he know he is on the clock if the message that I am on the clock comes to me.  It's early, so maybe I am missing something, but if not,maybe this is why people are not doing it.


Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
pm's....my understanding is that if you know you are going to be out and maybe not around when your pick comes up.....you first come in here and announce that and then say who you are leaving your picks with.....so that people know who to pm when you are on the clock....

usually that person will be the person after you and you only give him enough picks to carry you through your pick.....so if there are 4 picks and then yours, you leave him 5 picks....

does it kind of suck to let somebody else know who you are looking at....?...yeah....especially the guy behind you who will then be picking before you (especially around the turn area)....because sometimes you may be hoping that a guy from your list falls back to you, and maybe you were sitting on Joe Super Sleeper....so in that case, maybe you then pm somebody else with a list instead of the guys after your pick...

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Sorry for the holdup all. It's my first day back at work after 5 weeks rehabing from shoulder surgery. Somehow, between the FBG upgrade and work computers moving to IE9, I couldn't post here. I could read posts, but not reply, nor even sign out! (FBG drop boxes not working either)

Found a computer with Google Chrome on it...seems to be working OK.

So anyway...Rookie RB Jordan Howard. Will attempt to PM next.....


Mr. Irrelevant

IBL Representative
You don't get a 3rd-round draft grade put on you as a specialist unless you're pretty damn good, right? I mean, unless you're Bryan Anger.

17.07 - Roberto Aguayo, PK ROOK



IBL Representative
17.08 - Cody Latimer, WR DEN

Also, no PM here......maybe it's non-functional at present. Sent one to BTSW anyway....

Good thing I check in often enough....

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