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Replacement yahoo dynasty owner needed. Pay half price year 1. $50

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This guy started the season 0-4 and tried to trade Gronk, AJ Green and Deshaun Watson to his buddy for Jaron Brown, Vernon Davis and Corey Clement. You can take over for him as soon as you're ready.

We put $100 in the pot each year and $50 prepaid for the following year so we all put in $150 year one and $100 each year after that ($50 for the current year to be added to the $50 prepaid and $50 towards the following year=$100 a year) so there is always $50 invested in your team. If a league member bolts then that $50 pays half of their replacement user's fees that year and that new member only pays $50 towards the pot that year (plus $50 earnest money towards the following year.) In other words, you pay half price for your first year as an incentive to take over an orphaned dynasty team. Payouts are 800, 300 and 100. 6 team playoff (I feel like 6 team playoffs dissuade tanking). Friendly league I started with guys I've known through my life. Turns out some of these guys aren't so good at this. It's a nice mixture of sharks and guppies.

12 team yahoo dynasty .5 ppr, .5 pp 1st down reception, 25 roster spots w 2 IR. Cut to 21 before our offline rookie draft for first two rounds in late April. online rookie/fa draft for rounds 3 and 4 immediately prior to NFL regular season. Any more questions, just ask.


QB: Wilson, Deshaun, Manning

RB: Lynch, Penny, Blue, Burkhead, Hill, John Kelly

WR: Green, Damaryius, Stills, DJax, Sanu, Snead, Gallup, Ellington, M Wallace

TE: Gronk, Gresham, Brate

K: Bryant, McManus (you should probably drop on of these)


I'm sure you can trade Gronk for several young pieces at RB/WR and settle in for the #1 pick if you want to go that route.

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Hard to prove collusion but I've thought about it and it's not out of the question. If his buddy offers his team for nothing then I don't know if I can get mad at the guy for saying yes. If he was smart he woulda made it less obvious.

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Did this spot get filled ? I’ve never done a dynasty league and have been itching to get involved in one 

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