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    FILLED - One opening in Fantasy Recruits II -- PPR devy dynasty league dispersal draft

    One of my favorite leagues and I've been in fr1 fr2 and fr3 from their inception. I'm looking to make a deal once we fill that last slot :). 
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    *Official* - Jeremy Langford

    Wtf just took Langford out hope this doesn't screw me...surprised not a bigger reaction in here
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    *Official* - Jeremy Langford

    Is Carey or Langford starting?
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    **Official 2015 In-Season Dynasty Completed Trades Thread**

    14 team dyansty ppr. Gave devante Parker and 2nd rounder Got Freeman and Martin
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    Official CJ Spiller Bryce brown inactive today...
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    *** OFFICIAL *** 13/14 Off-Season Dynasty Trade Thread

    12 team ppr Team a gives jimmy Graham Team b gives k.Allen and j.Thomas
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    10 second primer

    Is it possible to have more then the 10 league max? I know wdcrob gave a way around it, but could we get it changed to have more then 10? Thanks
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    10 second primer

    Automatically updates roster moves nice! Thanks op for pointing this out
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    10 second primer

    Signed up for a subscription because of this feature as im in too many leagues and this will help manage it. Does it update roster changes or do u have to re submit?
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    Subscriber Contest to be Unveiled by Wednesday Morning

    When is the deadline to signup for this?
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    10 second primer

    Any limit on how many teams you can enter? I may sign up for this feature
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    Dynasty: NON-Draft eligible College prospects

    Any thoughts on bj catalon rb tcu? Looked very explosive this weekend and my have a breakout campaign
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    TE Rob Gronkowski, TB

    Welcome back
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    2013 Off Season Dynasty Trade Thread (for completed trades)

    Gave harvin mallet Got Hopkins michael 2nd
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    Worst Dynasty Trade Ever Seen

    I'm the one that traded hopkins (who i'm very high on). Keep in mind this is a devy league so first rounders are watered down. Also to call this the worst trade is kinda short sighted. There has been similar trades that I would say are just as bad (if not worse) that went down in the last week...