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  • So where is my place in society? What is my purpose here? It was in the investment world that I found my place. Here, the rules are different. You don't want to follow the crowd. When you follow the crowd you are, in fact, prey. What I discovered was that my purpose, my function, was to be a predator. Not a pack animal like a wolf, either. No, imagine me as the Lion, or the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In Jurassic Park when all the vegetarian dinos are flocking in the meadow and then the T-Rex swoops in and kills one, that's me. All of you who follow the crowd are those veggie-eaters. You've never tasted the flesh. You think you're safe as you run in the crowd and act like everyone else, but I'm just waiting to pick you off one-by-one. You flock to the tech sector, I'm there waiting for you. You run to pharmaceuticals, I'm laying in the weeds. You run to gold, I've cornered you again. I know your habits, and your tendencies. I know how you think. You may fear me, hate me, misunderstand me, or appreciate what I do but I'm prepared to fulfill my function just as you serve your place in the herd.

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