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    The cast from HBO's THE WIRE. Where are they now?

    If there's a movie being made odds are Stringer Bell is in it. Idris Elba is the hardest working man in showbiz. that mofo is everywhere
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    FPC Sunday, Aug 1st, 2010 1 pm Draft

    lol...get over yourself..neither you nor your little draft results are that important..the world keeps spinning goober
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    Three slots open in new MFL Redraft League

    1 filled..two slots open
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    Three slots open in new MFL Redraft League

    Veteran commish of several longrunning dynasty leagues on MFL has an itch to do a redraft. 12 man Standard PPR league to be hosted on MFL. Already have 9 guys signed up and looking for the right 3 to fill out the league. I need active, knowledgable trash talkers because it's a Motley crew and I...
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    DO NOT join any league with Loose Circuits

    league link?and if it went down the way you said he's a tool
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    I'm starting Alex Smith over...

    With Palmer on bye starting him over Delhomme..if he can manage to not throw three picks its all gravy
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    Dumbest FF move this season?

    Traded Austin Miles for Kevin Walters after his first big game. then he had another big game..he was supposed to be a sell high flash in the pan :bag:
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    Replithentic Sports Jerseys

    well after a test order run of three jersey's last week that I was happy with..going to dive in head first with a ten pack for myself and some leaguemates...fingers crossed I'm as happy as the first time around
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    Replithentic Sports Jerseys

    Good call Russ. ordered mine two weeks ago and just sported it at the Giants/Panthers Preseason last night. Great jersey
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    Replithentic Sports Jerseys

    Went ahead and did my own order last Saturday (couldn't wait). Just got my delivery this morning. A Larry Fitz and a throwback LT. They're both gorgeous. I was literally ready to throw down $300 for a Fitz alone before I found this thread and that site. Can't reccommend it highly enough.
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    Boxers says in his post above he's good at 6 or 7. So slide him to the 7 spot and i'll take 6
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    Replithentic Sports Jerseys

    Just found the thread..Is there another order being compiled or do i have to go solo on this?
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    footballman i'll jump in if there's any way for me to slide into the #6 spot which is what I have at WCOFF. If not I'll wait for your next mock and just pencil me in at 6