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    Talk to me

    Correct, Greene replaced Anthony Smith at SS. Smith is a new starter so its not as if he's established. Smith is supposed to be back this week so we'll find out who gets the start and the stats. That said, Jac safeties have traditionally not been fantasy studs (Greene's week 2 stats the...
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    Week 1 IDP surprises and potential FA pickups

    Red Bryant played well enough in preseason at DE for SEA to trade L. Jackson. Good start in Week 1. Little competition to take his place (Reed).So yes, indications at this time say you are missing the boat.
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    Tim Dobbins - Chance to emerge?

    Okay, who knows what happened? He starts for crowder and gets zero.
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    How to evaluate "bad" CBs

    My priority list: 1) know the teams who have cover-2 defenses or aspects where the CB has more run support responsibilities - CHI, MIN, TBB, IND - teams will have 1 or 2 guys who are my targets, but primarily because of tackle opportunities - Tillman, Bowman, Winfield, Griffin, Barber, Taliq...
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    Matt Cassel, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

    I'm not a big fan of Cassel but I think we need to see what he can do with a more stable situation. Think about 2009 for a minute: 1) Haley's first season as a head coach - obviously going to be a learning curve. 2) Haley fires the offensive coordinator in the preseason just before the season...
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    how did your rookie draft go?

    You must like Damian Williams.
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    Green Bay looking at Westbrook

    Agree. It would hurt brandon Jackson more.
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    2010 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    I gave up Braylon Edwards and 3.11 rookie pick for Bowe
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    Sleeper DL's for Dynasty Purposes

    I thought I read Melton would play DT snaps this year with idonji at DE - battling/rotating with Anderson. is this draft still going on or is this a dead thread?
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    2010 Rookie LB's

    Does anyone else think this sounds like Trotter?
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    The IDP Dynasty Thread

    I think it depends on the alternative players available at that juncture of the draft. I can easily see Suh going in the second round because the other prospects available at that point fall into a pool of similar type prospects - a large tier with potential (or in one owners mind).
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    ***Official Game Thread*** - Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

    I had to laugh at the concept of Favre participating in offseason workouts. Vikes fans, get ready for the Favre merry-go-round.
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    "Waldman Effect"

    I want to discuss the phenomena know as the 'Waldman Effect". Basically Waldman comes out with his predraft assessment of rookies. How much of an impact does Waldman have on the subsequent fantasy draft results? You would think, actual NFL draft results would carry more weight plus the...
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    LeRoy Hill Replacement

    The Seattle Seahawks will be without linebacker Leroy Hill longer than expected because his groin injury is worse than originally thought. It was disclosed today that Hill will be out until after the team's Week 7 bye, meaning he won't be back until November. Head coach Jim Mora said Hill might...
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    Sleeper DE's

    I've got Chauncey Davis, ATL, on my deep sleeper list. He's currently depth charted behind Jamal Anderson, but I've heard ATL is moving Anderson inside. Davis was one of the top 15 idp scoring DEs the last half of last year. Playing opposite Abraham should keep single block coverage on Davis...