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    Sports Media Companies and Personalities and "Sticking To Sports"

    I've always wanted Footballs Guys official messages to stick to sports, so same applies to sports presenters.
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    Roethlisberger Intentional Fumble Story - How Likely Do You Think It's True?

    Ben's done much worse off the field, so an on field infraction seems perfectly plausible.
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    Not so fast - Josh McDaniels backed out of the Colts job

    An owner who lies and a franchise that moved cities. Yeah, Indy can't complain about getting some of that back. 
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    2017 Raiders - how's the 2018 draft looking?

    I never had much regard for Lynch but my respect for him has gone up with him trying to protect his cousin.
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    Should I trade Mike Evans or ODB?!?! DYNASTY

    No way to either.
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    WR Josh Gordon, KC

    If Mixon is allowed into the league, Gordon should be.
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    49ers hire John Lynch as GM

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    49ers hire John Lynch as GM

    Adam Schefter Verified account ‏@adamschefter SF is hiring Hall-of-Fame candidate and FOX analyst John Lynch as GM, sources tell ESPN. Lynch back to Bay Area, where he went to Stanford.
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    Why would Gruden possibly return to coaching?

    His years in Tampa proved Gruden isn't good with QBs. Why take on a team with a bad QB?
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    Indefinite Tampa Bay Bucs thread: Somehow not on the list of teams to never have won a Super Bowl

    Bucs hire Mike Smith as DC. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‏@TBBuccaneers 3m3 minutes ago BREAKING: Mike Smith will be the Bucs’ next defensive coordinator.
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    Indefinite Tampa Bay Bucs thread: Somehow not on the list of teams to never have won a Super Bowl

    They took Winston. Nothing else should surprise when it comes to decency.
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    Waiver Wire Formats - What do you like?

    I prefer public bidding, then blind bidding, then rolling waiver order, then no pickups at all, then worst record first order and I'd probably leave a 'pick ups whenever you want' league.