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  1. Howlin Wolf

    Keeper League ***Need 1 Owner***

    Thanks for the info-- I am VERY interested-- It 'sounds' similar to the 1st Keeper I was ever in 22 years ago -- A GREAT concept.
  2. Howlin Wolf

    5-Man Keeper

  3. Howlin Wolf

    5-Man Keeper

  4. Howlin Wolf

    5-Man Keeper

    2 teams have now been "spoken for" Open 2 is still available-- which, BTW, was last year's Champs; hence the 1,12, 2.12, 3.12 etc. QB-- Brees RB-- Mathews WR--Marshall TE-- Dwayne Allen PK- Bryant OR BRONCO's DT Of course, one is NOT obligated to keep a TE, and opt for both PK AND DT
  5. Howlin Wolf

    5-Man Keeper

    PPR, no IDP, $60 fee, 100% return, minus MFL costs-- No LeagueSafe because it is NOT a viable option with 3 international owners: Asia, Europe and Canada. Uses a "dynasty" format for player retention and annual draft order. Interested...
  6. Howlin Wolf

    Looking to join a couple of dynasty leagues!

    Sent PM with my address
  7. Howlin Wolf

    Dynasty League Question

    My Fantasy League is THE 'class' of all options.
  8. Howlin Wolf

    Dynasty Commisioners

    This league was started 9 years ago and was designed for guys with 'limited' time and participation. This might be exactly what you are looking for. a single rule has had to be changed since its origin As an original owner, I have just...
  9. Howlin Wolf


    THANKS for the "heads-up"
  10. Howlin Wolf

    I 'liked your style' in your response to HOSS. It was clear he had NOT read clearly, or thought...

    I 'liked your style' in your response to HOSS. It was clear he had NOT read clearly, or thought about what you had described. Let me know, if, by any chance, you join 5-man keeper. Contact me because I would like to add another 5-man keeper to the 4 that I am already in. My other 4 leagues...
  11. Howlin Wolf


    FILLED-- WOW, IN 10 MINUTES-- Thanks for the inquiries--
  12. Howlin Wolf


    $25 Dynasty, PPR, with flex NO IDP send me an e-mail: REVENGE OF THE NERDS-- Has 1.04, 2.04 and 3.04 Rookie/FA picks
  13. Howlin Wolf

    $25 Dynasty-PPR, non-IDP

    League has been FILLED -- thanks for the interest --
  14. Howlin Wolf

    $25 Dynasty-PPR, non-IDP

    BUMP-- Expect to fill by July 27th with the hope of having the LIVE "disbursement Draft" among the 3 new owners (on site) as early as August 1st (with owner agreement).