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    Snap Counts 2.0 2017 edition

    Congratulations! It's a well deserved opportunity, good luck.
  2. J

    Titans IDPs

    It appears Avery Williamson is being phased out, my money is on Jayron Brown in Dynasty leagues, but his fantasy production going forward is questionable, there just is no evidence to support any projections right now. Outside of the Safeties the Titan IDPs are hard to figure out or handicap.
  3. J

    Goodson injury.

    Munson had 1 good game, week 2 when both Goodson and Keenan Robinson were out.
  4. J

    Snap Counts 2.0 2017 edition

    Jatavis was injured last week, only played about half the game, was limited in practice this week. I doubt he lost his spot, and would think the team is being protective of their best remaining ILB.
  5. J

    Oakland Starting LBs

    That depth chart has them playing a 4-3 base, my understanding is that Oakland was moving to a 3-4. We'll have to resolve that first or wait to see how things shake out.
  6. J

    MFL Position Changes -- List?

    Now Rotoworld has Mario Williams in the starting lineup for Buffalo twice, as DE and DT...Kyle Williams isn't listed at all. Meanwhile MFL has both guys listed as DE, so you're screwed it you are relying on Kyle in tackle required leagues.
  7. J

    Waiver wire targets: LB bloodbath continues

    Bradham was scheduled to replace Alonso at WLB, got suspended for 1 game and replaced by Brown. My best guess is that Bradham returns to WLB and Preston Brown returns to his backup position at MLB behind Spikes. Problem is that the coach makes that decision, not me or any other fantasy player.
  8. J

    Manti Teo - special player or special teamer

    Thanks for the update, Bracie. I've never been high on Manti, including last year, but one thing I have learned over the years is that it does not matter what I think, so I'll be watching his least one LB in San Diego has to score some points, right?
  9. J

    Lets get this info rollin

    Yes, much better matchup.
  10. J

    Lets get this info rollin

    Trevor Scott filled in for Chandler Jones last weeek and, as K-A Larry said, is likely headed back to a reserve role. Corey Graham is actually playing CB, filling in for Jimmy Smith, his matchup this week is a favorable one but his future production is highly questionable. Lance Briggs tackle...
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    Survivor leagues

    A poor and regretable decision by FBG to not bring this one back, I understand the lack of wide spread participation in IDP leagues by the FF community, but I'd argue that it is growing, and growing rapidly, and I'd argue that if you're not playing in IDP leagues you're not really playing...
  12. J

    Dynasty DB5 Poll

    For me, its Wilson for the next year or two, not exactly dynasty material, then its Barron. Normaly I'd vote for Chung but NE has to settle who plays next to him for me to endorse him right now.
  13. J

    Dynasty LB6 Poll

    Sean Lee belongs on this list, ahead of Angerer IMHO.
  14. J

    Dynasty DB2 Poll

    I went with Kam Chancelor, but for me its a toss-up between him and Morgan Burnett, and I might be inclined to go Burnett if Green Bay gets a legitimate FS or Collins returns, enabling Burnett to play his natural SS position exclusively.
  15. J

    DL Tiers

    Tick, I'm no Jene Bramel, but the current plan is for Mathis to play strong-side OLB, so if he maintains DL eligibility he could be a gem, however if your league's positional designation is tied to Rotoworld he will probably listed as LB.