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  1. Ocho Cinco

    Mason Crosby vs. the Weather

    Would you guys go with Scobee, Hanson, or Longwell over Crosby?
  2. Ocho Cinco

    Mason Crosby vs. the Weather

    Mason Crosby has been money this season but I'm scared of those ridiculous winds in Chicago; did anybody replace him or are they keeping him in?
  3. Ocho Cinco

    Addai Owners

  4. Ocho Cinco

    Addai Owners

    I was just wondering what all the Addai owners out there were going to be doing this week with all of the Colts getting benched/pulled rumors, etc. Are you playing Addai or benching him and do you really have good options on your bench? I'm trying to decide between him and Jacobs as my RB1 to...
  5. Ocho Cinco

    Anthony Gonzalez

    I'm considering playing Gonzalez over Kevin Curtis and Steve Smith this week.. I love the playoffs! Anybody in a similar situation?
  6. Ocho Cinco

    Derrick Ward broken fibula

    Has it been confirmed that he is out for the season?
  7. Ocho Cinco

    Early Fav for the Dolphins Draft Pick?

    Unless the Dolphins switch back to a 4-3 I doubt they take Dorsey with their pick, in my opinion, Long makes more sense right now.
  8. Ocho Cinco

    WR Match Ups to Exploit/Avoid

    I think you made some pretty nice calls this week, nice job man! I use your write ups quite a bit when setting my lineups.
  9. Ocho Cinco

    East Coast Guys

    I'm in Miami and I'm getting MIA/PHI on CBS and NYG/DET on FOX
  10. Ocho Cinco

    Vernon Davis owners, how do you feel/what are you doin?

    I currently have Vernon Davis as my only TE and guys like LJ Smith are on the wire but I think I'm going to ride it out with Davis considering what the poster above me said and the face that STL gives up points to TE's
  11. Ocho Cinco

    Marshawn Lynch

    I'm hurting for a RB; Do you guys think Wright would be the better pick up over Thomas? Wright should also get the GL carries right?
  12. Ocho Cinco

    Why you shouldn't play Rackers this weekend

    Dropped him for Crosby this week
  13. Ocho Cinco

    Official Cincinnati RB Thread - Rudi Johnson & Kenny Watson

    No carries for Watson thus far, although he did have a 45 yard catch.
  14. Ocho Cinco

    Official Cincinnati RB Thread - Rudi Johnson & Kenny Watson

    I was going to start Ryan Grant over Watson with Rudi back but now I'm torn between the two :shrug: :wall:
  15. Ocho Cinco

    WR Match Ups to Exploit/Avoid

    How do you feel about D.J. Hackett this week? If Branch doesn't play, is he worth a start? How do you think him and Burleson will split the WR2 position?