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  • Hey:  I saw you wanted to know about alternatives to hand sanitizer.  I own a some ST rentals, and was looking for a solution to reduce my plastic waste about 6 months ago.  I found a product called Force of Nature.  It is electrolyzed Salt and Vinegar which is an EPA registered disinfectant effective for use in hospitals and ICUs.  It is an amazing house cleaner, but in this time we've also been using it as an alternative to hand sanitizer.  We have made small 2oz bottles and carry that with us...have given it to our kid when he eats at school.  Spray it on a towel to disinfect door handles, phones, tablets etc.

    Costs per spray bottle is like $.10.

    Here is a referal link which if you purchase would get me some refills.  Do some research, but it is a a fantastic product.  Even if you don't use my link but buy it anyway - you will find it an excellent product - get 50 refills when you order just to be safe.  If you have questions ask me.

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