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    Henry or Edwards-Helaire

    To my surprise, he took Brady with the 1st pick of the draft and I got Zeke. I was kinda looking forward to having HEC. Thanks for the advice, guys. 
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    Henry or Edwards-Helaire

    12 Team, Half PPR, 0-6 Keeper League.  1 point/10 yards rushing and receiving. 2 point bonus for 100 yards rushing and receiving. There are already 11 RB off the board before the draft starts.  I have Kamara in the 17th round.  I have the 2nd pick of the draft.  Zeke is available so I'm sure...
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    Drop Cam Newton?

    Andrew Luck was a keeper and I drafted Cam Newton as a backup. An hour after the draft ended, Luck retired. I now have Cam, Brissett and Mason Rudolph. We saw how Cam looked when he couldn't run. With his injury, I question if he'll be any good when he does come back. I can really use the roster...
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    Khalil Mack

    Cleveland is running a 4-3 defense and Olivier Vernon is listed as a DL and LB.  Why not Mack?  Anyone know?
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    Khalil Mack

    Any justification that would allow me to make him a LB and DE.   Obviously not.  🤣
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    Khalil Mack

    First, I'm real pleased that the Draft Dominator software listed Mack as a DE.  After I draft him, I read the "Footballguys View" on him and it says he's a linebacker not a defensive end.  Then why do you have him listed as the #2 DE in the software!?!  On top of all this I find out after I get...
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    If it were me I would have to decide if I thought each player was worth keeping in that round.  In a normal draft, I could see all of them going in the first 4 rounds but would you normally draft a 2nd RB in the first 4 rounds?  It really depends on your drafting style.  Personally, I never take...
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    Henry, 4nett or Mixon at Flex

    Mixon for sure.
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    need help with qb

    They're pretty close. I'd lean Carr on matchup.
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    Need one flex spot filled WHIR

    Drake and Howard are close in my opinion. I'd go with Drake though. As a Bears fan, today could be the Cohen show.
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    WDIS @ WR - dante pettis or larry fitzgerald

    Fitz has the better matchup and definitely playing. Fitz. 
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    Rank these QBs

    Luck with Hilton vs DAL Luck without Hilton vs DAL Wilson @ SF Thanks!
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    Help with RB Keeper

    Unfortunately, there are no off-season trades so the other 3 just go back in the draft. The rest of the league is pretty excited. 
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    Help with RB Keeper

    I can keep any of them for the next 3 years. I would think Zeke or Hunt for the next 3 years is also a no brainer.  The question was which no brainer.  
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    I just saw this again and I'm still annoyed that FBG used to support Fantrax but has decided the...

    I just saw this again and I'm still annoyed that FBG used to support Fantrax but has decided the last couple years that it's somehow not worth it anymore.  The worst part is it took me over a year to get someone to finally just admit that. I spent a year asking why it wouldn't work and was just...