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  1. 4 hours ago, Ilov80s said:

    Sammy is only 23, this is the best thing that could happen for him. 

    If he's healthy enough throughout 2017, and if he leaves buffalo in the offseason, his dynasty value could increase dramatically.  If he went to Detroit or Indy that would be huge I think.  But there are a number of realistic landing spots that I would consider a lateral move.  Jets? Rams? Browns? Cardinals? Vikings? Bears? Oh my.  Many of the better young QBs already seem to have their WRs (Winston, Carr, Mariota).  Philly and KC could be really interesting but they won't have the cap space (I think). But I'm probably looking too far ahead.  Just pointing out that being Tyrod's only option isn't the worst fantasy situation out there.   

  2. I think this is bad news for Watkins in the near term.  They either don't think he's a great fit for the offense they want to run or doubt his ability to get (or stay) healthy.  I could see a scenario where he struggles with injury again this year, the dynasty community gives up on him, and he eventually builds a decent career for some other team a la Michael Crabtree.  

  3. Thanks for the feedback on Perriman.  That is really helpful.  I thought I saw flashes last year and dismissed the lack of playing time with the HOFer in front of him (yeah, that's right).  I thought letting Aiken go showed confidence in Perriman but that is out the window if they go WR early.  It seemed like 100 targets were up for grabs, I didn't even think about Flacco's 672 attempts.  

    Another thing about Flacco - he set a career high in completion percentage and matched a career low in YA.  Doc Oc could be right and he's getting rid of it quicker on shorter throws, or it could be a reflection of the weapons he had last year.  

  4. 4 hours ago, Stinkin Ref said:

    it's like there is this group think thing that for some reason we have to look at what he did as fluky....or lucky....we have to discount it in some way for some reason....what he did, it wasn't "traditional"...so it scares people....long TD's scare people cause they don't think they are sustainable....cause there is NO WAY that could ever happen again....I can understand that to a certain extent....but with the skill set that Hill brings, he is more than just a take the top off the defense on a pass play every once in awhile type of guy....he's more than a long TD guy....actually looking forward to see how they use him more in the running game...

    I traded him this off season so I guess I fall into the group think that you describe.  I don't doubt his talent.  I just have doubts that Reid will continue to find creative ways to get him involved once other teams start to adjust.  And they will adjust, even if we don't know how, because they always do.  Does Reid have more tricks up his sleeve or will he resort to using his best player as a decoy? 

    But with all that said I wouldn't be surprised if he takes the next step and becomes a super star in this league.  

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  5. 4 minutes ago, aaj1997 said:

    Value for Marqise Lee?

    2016 was a decent year in PPR.  Is he a reasonable WR 3/4 going forward or someone to sell while he still holds some value?  What type of rookie pick would you expect for him?

    I think his actual value is a bit higher than his perceived value at the moment due to his miserable first two seasons.  I don't really see that much difference between Lee and Jordan Matthews going forward.  Maybe that means Matthews is still overrated, though.  I'm holding him and looking for an opportunity to move him - maybe 2018 offseason if he lands in a good spot.  

  6. 2 hours ago, Bigboy10182000 said:

    I don't think we're watching the same team. If you're saying "need", WR is 1a or 1b at the lowest on our list of needs. 

    Our starting OL was not horrendous either. 

    Maybe we are.  I watched Carson make do pretty well with what he had when lane was there and saw his mechanics and his decision making fall apart when lane wasn't.  I agree that he had to rely on TEs and RBs more than most.  I'm just saying everyone is hung up on WR when I don't really know whether we can trust lane going forward, and peters is an even bigger concern.  35 with lots of nagging injuries and due 11.2 million.  

  7. Does all this debate about improving the WR position through FA and draft give anyone else deja vu?  Didn't we learn with Andy's early years that the position just isn't as important as everyone makes it out to be?  If TO in his prime without the baggage was available, I'd be all for it.  But no one comes close.  

    In my opinion, the top three needs are CB, CB and then OT.  Peters age and Lane's suspensions make me nervous for the line going forward.  And having a solid offensive line is integral in Carson's development.

    I think I'd even put C and RB ahead of WR. Even though our starters were horrendous last year, they were young, and it is reasonable to count on some improvement (looking at you, Nelson).    

    If we did add a WR in FA, I think someone like Cordarrelle Patterson makes sense.  Playmaker, deep threat, and asset on special teams which is really important with Sproles turning 34.     

  8. 9 minutes ago, Chaka said:

    Really? First I've heard of it, thought 6 weeks was still the rule for PUP.

    I believe the rule is that the player must come off PUP after 6 weeks.  Then, they have a 5 week window in which they need to start practicing.  Once they start practicing, there is a 3 week window within which the team must activate the player to the 53 man roster.  

    So he's off, I think.  But he hasn't started practicing.  And once he does start it could be 3 weeks before they activate him.  So it is possible that Dion does not play until week 15.  

    I kept Dion in a keep-3 league because he was such a late pick that his potential pay off was too good to pass up. But I did so with the understanding that I might not get to use him this year.  Though, I had been hoping all along that this was just a clean-up as initially reported, and the PUP had something to do with Brady's suspension allowing them an extra roster spot.  

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