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0-3 Record, Waiver Priority Question (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 12 team full PPR league. I'm currently at 0-3 so need to change something and change it quick.
I have a question about whether it's worth burning the #1 Waiver Priority that I've been holding onto for someone like Tyler Boyd or Antonio Callaway?

My current  WRs: K Allen, L Fitzgerald, A Cooper, J Edelman, C Godwin

My current RBs: M Gordon, J White, I Crowell, M Ingram, A Ekeler, C Grant (1 week flyer, going to be dropped)

Other options that I could potentially get after waivers clear: Dede Westbrook, Ted Ginn, John Ross, Robby Anderson, Crowder, Marlon Mack, Jordan Wilkins, Nyheim Hines, Nick Chubb etc.

So my question is, should I burn the priority for a guy like Boyd or should I hold onto it? Any other moves y'all would recommend to improve that record would be greatly appreciated.

I would grab Boyd. You need help at WR with Fitz and Cooper underperforming. He should be solid (“should”) all year. 

Without knowing what other potential impact players are on waivers (back up RB's that could be huge if the starter goes down), it's hard to say if saving the priority is worth it. Typically I try and factor in the potential of a league winner becoming available and that varies drastically from league to league depending on how owners work the waiver wire and/or bench sizes.  With the information given it's tough to say.

For the players listed I would say at this point I would go with Callaway over Boyd.  His upside is much bigger and if it hits he could be a difference maker.  At 0-3 you need game changers to get going.  Boyd has the higher floor but I don't think he is a difference maker.  I nice solid WR2/3 potential but Cincy generally doesn't support a consistent second target (AJ Green being hurt may skew that a bit).  For me, I take the big swing and go for Callaway.


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