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Smells like chicken
http://www27.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/34736#0I am taking over as commish of this league, 2013 site is up and running60 bucksppr/ standard line up 1 flex (rb/wr/te) PM me for details Brees, Drew NOS QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QBWeeden, Brandon CLE QB Charles, Jamaal KCC RBRidley, Stevan NEP RB (P)Sproles, Darren NOS RBThomas, Daniel MIA RB (Q)Vereen, Shane NEP RB Amendola, Danny STL WRCollie, Austin IND WR (Q)Floyd, Michael ARI WRMeachem, Robert SDC WRNicks, Hakeem NYG WR (Q)Smith, Steve CAR WRStokley, Brandon DEN WR Gonzalez, Tony ATL TEHernandez, Aaron NEP TEKendricks, Lance STL TEWinslow, Kellen FA TE Forbath, Kai WAS PK Broncos, Denver DEN DefGiants, New York NYG Defprevious owner traded all 2013 picks away, has full set of 2014 picks (3 rounds)
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