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12 Team Keeper League Start Up (Sleeper) $20 Buy In (Draft once all paid) (1 Viewer)


12 Team Superflex Keeper League
$20 buy in (Leaguesafe)
PayOuts $150, $70, $20
Experienced Commish. Managing leagues since 2015 and never had a single one fold
If Interested email me: thenfochairman@yahoo.com



We will have 18 team rosters with the ability to keep any 4 players each year. Keeping a player will cost you the round the player was drafted in. If you trade for a player that was drafted in a round that you already have a keeper in that round the cost will go UP one round. For example if you have two 4th round keepers it will cost your 3rd and 4th rounders for the coming year. If it is 2 first round players you first pick will be 37th overall (an extra pick between the 3rd and 4th rounds) . Meaning one of them will count as a second AND a third. If you are also keeping 2nd and/or 3rd rounders the pick will be pushed back to the next available round PLUS one. So in the RARE event you're keeping 2 first round players, a second and a third your first pick will be 61st an extra pick between rounds 5 & 6.

A players value will NOT change once he is drafted. So if you draft a player in round 16 he can be kept at the cost of a 16th round pick for 2 more seasons.

A player signed as a free agent will always cost a 12th round pick to keep

A player can only be on a roster for 3 years. So EVERY Player will be in a draft at least every 4th year. So if a player was kept 2 years and then traded to another team in his 3rd year he would not be eligible to be kept again & he would be in the next draft.

The Championship PLAYOFF Bracket has the top 6 teams according to record with total points being the tiebreaker.

The draft order for the non playoff teams will be decided by final record (worst to first) and points as tiebreaker

The playoff teams will pick in order of seeding and elimination (the champion will pick last & the lowest seed eliminated first will pick 7th and so on)

The draft will snake every round (for example 12th will pick 13th and 1st will pick 24th and 25th each year)

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