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12 team PPR- available vs Gio (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR- 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2flex, 1TE, 1 DST, 1K

Current roster construction:

Brady, Lance

Aaron Jones, C. Carson, Sermon, Jamaal Williams, AJ Dillon, Gio Bernard

Ridley, Woods, Higgins, Boyd, Rondale Moore



Options to drop Gio for (players currently available):

Ty'Son Williams, Terrace Marshall, Emmanuel Sanders, Bryan Edwards.

Booker and Gallman are out there too but if they pop I'm fine with getting in line. 

Yes, I know my league is not a shark league :)  Thinking maybe there's too much "bench fodder" RB and not enough upside WRs. Or that Gio is less valuable the Ty'son.

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I would drop him for Marshall (I think Marshall could be your WR4 even. Boyd may have to much target comp now and as much as I really do love Moore, I might like Marshal even a tad bit more) - that said I would still drop Gio, not one of the other WR



In a full PPR I don't drop Gio.  I really like Marshall a lot but in a full PPR I don't think you can drop Gio at this point.  He should catch a lot of passes.  

What are the QB's on the waiver wire?  I wouldn't have a problem dropping Lance (since you have Brady) if there are readily available QB bye week fillers on waivers.  I would do that to get Marshall under those circumstances.



Thanks for the answers. I'll be watching the usage for Gio tonight. I think all high end projections for him are based on him getting the lion's share of 3rd and 4 or more. If he's splitting those with Fournette or only gets 3 targets and 15% snap share, I think I'll know my answer. It's interesting, one of my league mates pounced on Fournette early in the draft because they watched the SB. All of the analysts have him as a fringe RB3 but he could end up being the guy that gets 50% of the snaps. Funny game.

Everybody loves Terrace but I think I need to see a little Darnold slinging it and make sure he's getting the snaps and RZ tgts before I can buy in. I have a feeling the other guys on my list are not slouches either and might also be upgrades over Gio, just need to keep my eyes open.


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