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14 team .5 ppr 8th pick - How bad did I do? (1 Viewer)


How'd I do?

QB - M. Ryan, Tua
RB - A. Jones, CEH, R. Mostert, J. Conner, K. Drake
WR - A. Cooper, D. Moore, J. Chase, A. Brown
TE - H. Henry
K - Prater

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Well, I assume you already know this, but I would say your QB situation could be dire. I like the RB / WR part though. (And I hate Henry, I owned him in Dynasty for years and he just frustrated the hell out of me - lol). Clearly you focused on RB/WR and just picked TE and QB late... which is exactly what I probably would have done as well, so I like it.

In a 14 team I like it quite a bit. While your QB spot could use some help, I think you have 2 guys that you can play the matchups any given week. 

For a 14 team league that's a good squad.  Obviously TE is your weakness, but I like the depth at RB and WR, and I think Matt Ryan is going to be a solid low end QB1.  May end up playing the matchups if Tua takes a step this year.  I'm not a Tua fan personally, but he could improve for sure, and if so then I think you're better off for it.  Hopefully health stays with you and you can pick up a TE or maybe trade for one along the way because that's the hole in your roster, but in a 14 team a lot of other owners have that same hole so not really all that worried.  The Kelce/Waller/Kittle teams end up with a hole at RB or WR in that deep a league, so everyone's got one somewhere...

I'd be happy with that in a 14 teamer. Sure the QB situation isn't ideal, but you've got two ok options with which to play matchups, so I don't see it as a huge problem


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