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T Kelce for D Njoku (and other players too) (1 Viewer)

Bob Loblaw

12-person, 0.5 ppr, redraft league. Starters are QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, Flex, Flex, K, DST, IDP.

Pertinent scoring:

Passing yards: 25 yds/pt, 3 pts @ 300 yds
Passing TDs: 4 pts
Rushing yards: 10 yds/pt, 3 pts @ 100 yds
Receiving yards: 10 yds/pt, 3 pts @ 100 yds
Rushing or Receiving TDs: 6 pts

My team is 2-1, with points putting me in 4th place. I am looking to do a trade. Which side of this trade is the winner?

Rosters (bolded names are the traded players):

Team 1
QBs - T Tagovailoa, J Burrow
WRs - C Lamb, B Aiyuk, G Pickens, J Meyers, T Dell
RBs - J Gibbs, R Mostert, Z Charbonnet, E Mitchell, A Dillon
TEs - T Kelce
K - B Maher
DST - Indianapolis
IDP - L Wilson

Team 2
QBs - L Jackson, A Dalton
WRs - S Diggs, P Nacua, M Brown, C Watson, M Evans
RBs - T Pollard, A Jones, A Kamara, J Cook, K Williams
TEs - D Njoku
K - B Aubrey
DST - Cleveland
IDP - Z Franklin
I also like the Njoku side. Cook is looking great this year, and if he scores TDs, he'll be great. And love Diggs this year, too.

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