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1st round playoffs this week, which RB/Flex? (1 Viewer)


I have the following:  Hunt, Michel, Mack, J Adams, and just picked up Ekeler.

We start 2RB's/1 Flex and no PPR.

I'm thinking Hunt and Michel at RB, and right now I'm back on the Adams kick for my Flex spot, mainly because I keep reading Ekeler's value is tied to the passing game/PPR and apparently Jackson may end up getting a lot of carries.


I'd say it is safe to say Hunt is done for the year. So Michel, Adams and Ekelar as long as Gordon is out.

Ware (because Oakland rush defense is a joke), Ekeler (since he's going to see a lot of usage), and Adams (8th rush defense for Redskins BUT Michel is against a #5 rush and I personally wouldn't test that).


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