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(2) Openings True Dynasty League 100.00 Devy PPR Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Have (2) openings in the True Dynasty DieHards. League is entering its 12th year, good group of guys. We will be holding a dispersal draft as soon as both teams are filled. This is not a rebuild situation, there are some talented players in the pool including the 1.01.

League Homepage https://www49.myfantasyleague.com/2023/home/66000#0 Teams available are marked OPEN

Some highlights of the league:

100.00 via Leaguesafe

VP (victory points)

Devy league (up to 18 total college players can be rostered)

1.5 PPR for TE's

Blind bidding bucks roll over each year

If interested you can PM me or email me at Cards04@aol.com Can also text 678.662.9044

What are the starting lineup requirements?

Looking at the link, my guess would be the below, but it is possible that one of those WR spots is also a flex and everyone just started 3 WR's that week.

Edit, no affiliation, but 12 year dynasty leagues should get all the help they can in fill open teams.
How bigly are the roosters?
Looks like 28 roster spots with an additional 4 IR spots. There are also Devy spots but I don't think they count against this and it is unclear how many each team gets. Seems like it is 18 total for the entire league but it doesn't seem like there is a limit per team (at least not that I could find).
You won’t get much traction here as this is the wrong forum. There is a “looking for leagues“ forum where you should post. You’ll have better luck there.

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