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2011 MLB Amateur Draft (1 Viewer)

Thoughts on Josh Bell in the 2nd to the Pirates?
Depends if he signs or not :shrug:
He was considered a mid round 1st based on talent alone. But it seems like he is going to Texas. Not sure what the Pirates will have to offer.
Bell's price is $6.5 million to keep him from going to Texas - I really doubt the Pirates put that on the table
I know this type of gamble didn't work with Schepps (sp?) a few tears ago, but it did with Alie last year, although I don't think he sebtca letter out saying not to draft him. I think they didn't sign Schepps due to injury concerns. I hope they felt the situation out a bit overnight before drafting him. I kind if think the letter was a ploy by Boras to up the price. Why have him as "advisor" prior to attending college if ge doesn't intend to sign (if money us right)? I think pirates spend 9-11m on 1st two rounds alone. They have been breaking draft pay records these last few years.

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