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2013 Anarchy League 7 Thread (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the 2013 Anarchy League 7 thread. Here is the MFL League Site: http://www6.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/37189

The draft has already been turned on but the draft timer is off for now.

Passwords should be the same as last season. If you are new to the league, the password should be Anarchy7.

Here is the randomly selected draft order . . .

1.01 Va703

1.02 pontus

1.03 Saint

1.04 BuddyBall2k3

1.05 Lord Fantasy

1.06 benbadman

1.07 Coordinator

1.08 HellToupee

1.09 TheGrimReaper

1.10 jeaton6

1.11 JeremyX13

1.12 Commuterman

1.13 freeanyong

1.14 BassNBrew

1.15 Eaglezzz

1.16 dewmass

Good luck, and good drafting . . .

Thanks for including me! As a new participants and member of this forum, I really look forward to this draft. Let's get going guys!

I'm all set up now, thanks for arranging this. Please note I'm over in the UK so may hold up if the drafts gets round to me overnight, but I'll Pre draft if it looks like that will happen so shouldn't be an issue

I love the smell of Anarchy in the morning. Thanks to David for doing this and looking forward to competing.

Lord Fantasy

Yes. Click on your team name and you can change the settings to include notification by email and/or text (if you enter your cell number).

New so not really sure how this compares to how a team looks out of the 13 so far

1.13 tony Gonzalez te

2.04 Atlanta QB

3.13 Detroit QB

4.04 Jordy Nelson

5.13 Pierre Garcon

6.04 Chris Ivory

7.13 Kenny Britt

8.04 Fred Davis

Buddyball2K. Your Eagles graphic is way better than mine. I had to "borrow" it for a few of my leagues.

As someone who used to a 12-teamer I forget how punishing a 16-team league is.

Once again we're coming to the end game and I realize I simply don't know enough about that third RB or WR that could either breakout or at least contribute something.

Last year around this time I was picking up dudes like Jerome Simpson and Daniel Thomas. Hope I can do better this year.

One thing that I have seen in full force over the years is for people to ride the playoff team train and ride that train hard. There are inherently two major flaws in that strategy: 1) not all teams that are thought to be playoff teams will actually make the playoffs and 2) just because a guy may be on a playoff team, that doesn't mean that he is very good. Just because a guy got a 50 point bump last year by making it all the way to the Super Bowl does not mean you can count on those points again. Don't get me wrong, I draft players from projected playoff teams as much as the next guy in the early rounds, but in the mid to late rounds I might not be as quick to take someone just because his team *COULD* make the post season.

To your point about mastering the end game, I think it comes down to taking guys that will score SOMETHING, even if they are not sexy picks. So IMO, I'd rather have a WR that might get 35-40 receptions, 400 yards, and a couple TD than have to draft a 4th string RB that will rarely see the field unless everyone in front of him gets hurt. Similarly, I tend to shy away from guys that have injury histories and are already hurt . . . especially when the season hasn't started yet. Sure, he might be a good player to roster if he plays 16 or more games, but if he looks like he could miss 4-6 games with nagging injuries, I'll let someone else worry about him.

And as crazy as it sounds, mucking up on getting 2 starting kickers can kill your team before the season even starts, so I would rather take my PKs 2 rounds too early than 1 round too late.

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Apologies to all for lagging on the last pick I made..........was up in Yosemite w/the kids.........zero cell recpt......I should have pre-drafted....

Lord Fantasy's Coach had a fair draft in the recent 2013 ANARCHY INVITATIONAL - League 7 draft. Their Lord Fantasy franchise came away with the number 7 ranked draft (out of 16) in the league based on analysis by MyFantasyLeague.com.

Lord Fantasy made their best pick of the draft in round 2, selecting Alfred Morris with the 28th pick of the draft, as compared to the 18th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "He's going to set the world on fire," Lord Fantasy coach said.

Lord Fantasy made their worst pick of the draft in round 5, selecting Martellus Bennett with the 69th pick of the draft, as compared to the 127th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. "I know some are thinking that he will be this year's Ryan Leaf," Lord Fantasy coach said.

Starting in week 8, Lord Fantasy won't be able to submit a full lineup, due to having 1 defensive team on bye.

With a little bit of work on the waiver wire this season, or a few strategic trades, Lord Fantasy should be able to turn their 7th ranked draft effort into a championship fantasy team this year.

Looks like a two team race down the stretch . . . but Eaglezzz took almost an entire team of playoff players.

Eaglezzz 3352.46

Eagles TMQB

Seahawks TMQB

Giovani Bernard CIN RB

Marshawn Lynch SEA RB

Darren Sproles NOS RB

Robert Turbin SEA RB

Keenan Allen SDC WR

DeSean Jackson PHI WR

Marvin Jones CIN WR

Brent Celek PHI TE

Zach Ertz PHI TE

Zach Miller SEA TE

Nick Novak SDC PK

Seahawks Defense

Lord Fantasy 3304.92

Broncos TMQB

Chiefs TMQB

Stevan Ridley NEP RB

Mike Tolbbert CAR RB

Golden Tate SEA RB

Eaglezzz starting on his victory lap . . .

Eaglezzz 3452.56

Seahawks TMQB

Marshawn Lynch SEA RB

Darren Sproles NOS RB

Robert Turbin SEA RB

Keenan Allen SDC WR

Zach Miller SEA TE

Nick Novak SDC PK

Seahawks Defense

Lord Fantasy 3349.74

Broncos TMQB

Stevan Ridley NEP RB

Mike Tolbbert CAR RB

Golden Tate SEA RB

Final Standings . . .

[SIZE=small]Eaglezzz[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]3645.92[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Lord Fantasy[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]3448.94[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]benbadman[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]3103.64[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Coordinator[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]3083.56[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]jeaton6[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2990.50[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]freeanyong[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2984.86[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]BassNBrew[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2960.42[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Va703[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2944.30[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]TheGrimReaper[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2716.44[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]JeremyX13[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2637.56[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Olisam Jakes[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2633.08[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]HellToupee[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2622.28[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]BuddyBall2k3[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2598.08[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]CommuterMan[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2480.76[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]pontus[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2478.08[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Saint[/SIZE] [SIZE=small]2461.80[/SIZE]

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