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2014 IDP Draft Prospects (1 Viewer)

Real life? Anthony Barr may be drafted before Clowney. If it's to play end in the 4-3, like Clowney, he has my attention. Best of the rest at DE/OLB- Khalil Mack, Vick Beasley, Kyle Van Noy.

Jake Ryan would be the LB prize had he not ripped up his knee, I expect him to return for his Senior year.

AJ Johnson is one to watch. Smallwood and Bullogh too. To a lesser degree, Chris Borland. I am wary he gets forgotten about because he doesn't hit the size metrics, but he is a better MIKE LB than all of these guys.

CJ Mosely and Ryan Shazier are going to be great NFL players, but fantasy usefulness will depend on role. Skov too.

Andrew Jackson is a smaller school types I don't know much about, but have seen his name pop up for years.

I'm no pro when it comes to scouting DB's, but Haha Clinton-Dix is incredible. I rarely draft DB's, but I may consider him.

Max Bullough and Shane Skov have potential to be on IDP rosters next year especially if they land in ideal situations


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