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2018 Players back from injury expected to start (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

Who ya got?

I'll put out a name that 'may' have dropped due to a season ending injury last year.

He missed most of last year, all of the off-season, all of training camp, and all preseason action.

  • Marcus Golden DE/EDR Arizona Cardinals
He is just coming off of IR and 'should' be back.  He 'might' be available since he was flying under the radar.

Who else?



Most of mine are posted here already and I'm guessing that most of these guys are long gone unless your league is asleep at the wheel.

Raekwon McMillan
Emmanuel Ogbah
Clayton Geathers
BJ Goodson
Eric Berry
Jaquiski Tartt
Nick Vigil (probably at SAM but still a solid add if he's free)
Mason Foster
Kentrell Brice
Rashaan Melvin - for CB required leagues there might be a huge opportunity here


Flying Elvis

Are we sure that the "stress issue" everyone started harping about and a possible "stress fracture"... actually meant "mental stress"?

Jordan has real mental/social issues. 
It could be... everything about it was cryptic. Too much uncertainty for me to hold him, despite having added him early in the preseason process in my leagues.


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