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2019 UDFA’s (1 Viewer)


Post em here.

For when I slow down: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2019-nfl-draft-undrafted-free-agency-tracker


Tyree Jackson - Buffalo Bills

Jake Browning - Minnesota Vikings

Kyle Shumer - Kansas City Chiefs

Brett Rypien - Denver Broncos

David Blough - Cleveland Browns

Manny Wilkins - Green Bay Packers

CJ Collins - Green Bay Packers

Drew Belcher - Arizona Cardinals

Wilton Speight - San Francisco 49ers

Taryn Christian - Seattle Seahawks

Nick Fitzgerald - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Elijah Holyfield - Carolina Panthers

Bruce Anderson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

James Williams - Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Barnes - Tennessee Titans

Jalin Moore - New York Jets

Karen Higdon - Houston Texans

Devine Ozigbo - New Orleans Saints

Jeremy Cox - Los Angeles Chargers

Trevon McMillan - Pittsburgh Steelers

Darrin Hall - Cleveland Browns

Damarea Crockett - Houston Texans

Jon Hilliman - New York Giants

Xavier Turner - Arizona Cardinals

Tyrone Gray - Cleveland Browns

Matt Colburn - Los Angeles Rams

Darnell Holland - New Orleans Saints

Marcelius Sutton - Seattle Seahawks

David Pindell - Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Stanley Morgan - Cincinnati Bengals

Jazz Ferguson - Seattle Seahawks

Ashton Dulin - Indianapolis Colts

Emanuel Hall - Chicago Bears

Xavier Ubosi - New England Patriots

Anthony Johnson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Preston Williams - Miami Dolphins

Greg Dortch - New York Jets

David Sills - Buffalo Bills

Jakobi Myers - New England Patriots

Demarkus Lodge - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Tyron Johnson - Houston Texans

Olamide Zaccheus - Atlanta Falcons

Jon Duhart - Detroit Lions

Nick Easley - Buffalo Bills

Johnnie Dixon - Houston Texans

Cody Thompson - Kansas City Chiefs

Trenton Irwin - Miami Dolphins

Reggie White - New York Giants

Penny Hart - Indianapolis Colts

Jon’vea Johnson - Dallas Cowboys

Juston Christian - Baltimore Ravens

Joe Walker - Chicago Bears

Spencer Schnell - Chicago Bears

Trinity Benson - Denver Broncos

Deonte Harris - New Orleans Saints

Steven Sims - Washington Redskins

Thomas Ives - Chicago Bears

Dorian Baker - Cleveland Browns

Chris Osei-Kusi - Cleveland Browns

Jaylen Guyton - Dallas Cowboys

Andre Lindsey - Kansas City Chiefs

Cortelle Simpson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Anthony Ratliff-Williams - Tennessee Titans

Malik Henry - San Francisco 49ers

Ryan Davis - New England Patriots

Alex Wesley - New York Giants

Kahlil Lewis - Atlanta Falcons

Kelvin McKnight - Denver Broncos

Tyre Brady - Jacksonville Jaguars

Dredrick Snelson - Jacksonville Jaguars

Felton Davis - Kansas City Chiefs

Jamal Custis - Kansas City Chiefs

Trevion Thompson - Los Angeles Rams

Landon Jones - Minnesota Vikings

Lil’ Jordan Humphrey - New Orleans Saints

Keelan Doss - Oakland Raiders

Deandre Thompkins - Philadelphia Eagles

Malik Taylor - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Emmanuel Butler - New Orleans Saints

AJ Richardson - Arizona Cardinals


Trevor Wood - Pittsburgh Steelers

Tyree Mayfield - San Francisco 49ers

Ellis Richardson - Chicago Bears

Brandon Dillon - Minnesota Vikings

Nate Becker - Detroit Lions

Austin Fort - Denver Broncos

Isaiah Seawright - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Kano Dillon - Washington Redskins

CJ Conrad - New York Giants

Charles Scarff - Baltimore Ravens

Cole Herdman - Baltimore Ravens

Dax Raymond - Chicago Bears

Stephen Carlson - Cleveland Browns

Logan Parket - Kansas City Chiefs

Keenan Brown - Los Angeles Rams

Andrew Beck - New England Patriots

Cannon Smith - Oakland Raiders

Kendall Blanton - Los Angeles Rams

Donald Parham - Detroit Lions

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I’ll try to update through the tonight. Going to the gym around 8 and need to put together final post draft rankings too. 

More UDFA news: Colorado State WR Preston Williams, a non-Combine invite, is signing with the #Dolphins. ... #UNC DE Malik Carney to the #Lions ... McNeese State LB BJ Blunt to the #Redskins ... #UCF CB Rashard Causey to the #Falcons ... #UCLA OL Andre James to the #Raiders.

Giants UDFAs:

Rutgers RB Jonathan Hillman

Monmouth WR Reggie White Jr.

Buffalo C James O’Hagan

Missouri T Paul Adams

Texas-San Antonio LB Josiah Tauaefa

LI-Post CB Jake Carlock

Northern Colorado WR Alex Wesley

Kentucky TE C.J. Conrad

Purdue S Jacob Thieneman

Alabama LB Jamey Mosley  (CJ's brother)

LSU S John Battle

Akron CB Kyron Brown

Central Florida OT Wyatt Miller

Wake Forest WR Greg Dortch

Surprised OL Trevon Tate wasn't drafted or signed anywhere yet. He stood out big time on Darrell Henderson's highlights.

Man a few of my favorites got me feeling demoralized. 

Anthony Ratliff-Williams to the Titans along with AJ Brown. 

Demarkus Lodge to the Bucc's. 

Jalin Moore is a Jet (although not much in his way behind Bell).  

James Williams to the Chiefs
I will be targeting this guy, he chose the Chiefs over 4 or 5 other teams who tried to sign him.    I searched to see if there was a thread started for him, there isn’t, hopefully we can keep that way until most of the rookie drafts are completed.😊

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Uhhh... didn’t know who Darnell Holland was but Saints plus this now has me intrigued: 

• 40 Yard Dash: 4.38
• Bench Reps: 15
• Vertical Jump: 37.5″
• Broad Jump: 10'
• 3 Cone Drill: 7.09
• Shuttle Run: 4.38

Edit to add: went through his highlights quickly. I don’t know that I’ve never watched a RB take a handoff before. Weird triple option that school ran. Can’t imagine he’ll be able to work through that in one NFL offseason. Did remind me of Breida’s college highlights but I’m pretty sure Kenneshaw State is an even lower level of competition.

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Chiefs were so determined to add more WR talent that they gave undrafted Syracuse WR Jamal Custis over $100K in guaranteed money, believed to be the highest guarantee for any undrafted WR over the past two drafts, per source.
I like Felton Davis there more but he tore his Achilles last year and is still recovering. He is a nice 2020 sneak if you play in deep leagues.

So recent Funchess talk got me thinking it might be worthwhile to learn about some of their other WR players.

Penny Hart - Indianapolis Colts had some decent production in college but fell off in his last season there which isn't something you like to see.

Then I looked at his pro day metrics and holy crap is this guy not only small but slow and has a terrible 3 cone time. 


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