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2022 OFFENSE/DEFENSE Contest - Week 4 (1 Viewer)

Jumping the gun with my week 4 choices:
O's used - KC, BUF, MIN
D's used - SF, GB, CLE

Offense - The 🦁 of Detroit
Defense - The 🤠 of Dallas
I jumped the gun for sure before all the Lions inactives. Changing to:

Offense - The 🦅 of Philadelphia
Defense - The Giants of New York
Need to edit previous post, just saw injury report.

USED Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3
Offense Colts Bengals Chiefs
Defense Ravens Bills Giants

Wk 4
O = Eagles
D = Vikings
Through Week #3: +2 points. Trending in the wrong direction: +7, 0, -5.

Used O - Chargers, Rams, Chiefs
Used D - Broncos, Browns, Saints

Week 4:
Offense: Buffalo Bills
Defense: Green Bay Packers
Ugh I stink at this. Negative 1 today. Down to plus 1.
Current Score +26

Used Offense: KC, Minny, Buffalo
Used Defense: Denver , GB, Cleveland

Week 4: Giants Defense :sick: , Detroit Baltimore Offense

Edit: With Sun god and Swift just being ruled out I changed my offense to Baltimore
I should have just stayed with Detroit :wall: Who would have guessed they would be this much of an offensive powerhouse this year, let alone this game with their best players out.

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