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****2023 FBG ESPN CONTEST GROUP - PICK EM AND SURVIVOR AND WINS (For Fun - Unofficial As It Were) (1 Viewer)


Once again set up the ESPN group for this totally free contest - no affiliation with official FBG contests/offerings implied or stated. Just a fun contest as usual for us to compete in for free

Here is the linky to pickem (password is blackeyedjoe). This is the password for the other two

Here is the Eliminator Group

Oh cool a 3rd contest - this one is for season win totals
Over under linky

So come on in and join!!!
Yeah - I did the FBG Group as spread which is what I traditionally have done. But ESPN allows other entries so you can make a straight up one.
I've limited the group to one per FBG :stirspot:

Washington gave a bunch of us a scare in the survivor contest but got through.

2 were not so lucky as they had Minnesota. So far 21 have advanced with rest still tbd.

No idea what could have been going on with it - it's the espn contest. Maybe they were having a technical error?

Maybe a cookies thing? :(

Week 4: gonna do an option here... if Garoppolo is out, going with the Chargers
else, might go with San Fran (but would prefer to save the heavy hitters for later in the season)
Survival Week 6

wk 1 Wash
wk 2 Dallas
wk 3 Seattle
wk 4 LAC
wk 5 Detroit

for week six I'm gonna gamble, because I am in this to win this!

wk 6 The Raiders
One contestant was eliminated from the survivor league this week. Seven remain.


wk 1 Wash
wk 2 Dallas
wk 3 Seattle
wk 4 LAC
wk 5 Detroit
wk 6 LVR
wk 7 KC

wk 8 Miami!
FBG (unofficial) Eliminator Pool (at ESPN). Started with 31 and now down to 5. I bow out with the Bengals. Good luck.

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